#5 Altamaha-ha
This creature is also known as ‘Altie’ (all-tee), and is said to be a type of aquatic monster that inhabits small streams and abandoned rice fields in southeastern Georgia. It’s been the subject of legend since before British colonization, when it was supposedly discovered by the local Tama (tah-mah) Native American people. The cryptid is said to have a bony ridge on the top of its body, reminiscent of a sturgeon. It has the snout of a crocodile, and swims with its front flippers not unlike a dolphin, but has no rear limbs. While its coloring is said to be gray, some reports claim that it’s green with a whitish-yellow underbelly. The conflicting reports have led some cryptozoologists to theorize the critter can self-camouflage. In 2018 some decomposing remains were found washed ashore on a beach in Georgia’s Wolf Island Wildlife Refuge. It was initially thought to be the remnants of an Altamaha-ha, but that was later disproved.

#4 Honey Island Swamp Monster
Here’s another cryptid in the mold of the Swamp Thing. It’s been reported in and around Louisiana’s Honey Island Swamp since the 1960s. It’s said to be covered in thick, matted hair along with swampy reeds and vines. Standing nearly 8 feet tall (2.4 m), and weighing more than 500 pounds (227 kg), the creature has yellowish, reptilian eyes and is said to emit a foul stench. It’s long been blamed for the disappearance of children and for the deaths of local livestock. There are a lot of unusual theories about this critter, some of which involve it being a bizarre type of hybrid of an alligator and an ape. Other sources claim it’s a hybrid beast of plant and animal. According to witnesses, tracks found in the swamp indicate the monster has webbed feet with three toes. That’s led some experts to conjecture that the beast evolved and adapted to a swamp-like environment. Did you know that due to its hairy appearance, this swamp thing is often called the Louisiana Wookiee?

#3 Wendigo
This creature is described as a cannibal monster or evil spirit native to the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast, from the US into Canada. It appears in the mythology of the native Algonquin (al-gaang-k’win) people and is typically associated with cold winter weather. It’s said the Wendigo can appear as a monster with human characteristics. Or, it can be a spirit that possesses a human, and turns them into monsters. It’s described as a gaunt, ashy-grey creature that can stand some 14 feet tall (4.3 m). Imagine a giant, living skeleton that gives off a foul stink of decay. Most accounts agree the beast has glowing eyes, a long tongue, and fearsome yellow fangs. Some specimens may have huge horns, or antlers. According to legend, Wendigos were formerly human. But when a human resorts to cannibalism, they transform into a wendigo. Some cryptozoologists have theorized that stories of the Wendigo may have been inspired by sightings of Bigfoot.

#2 The Van Meter Visitor
In 1903, Van Meter, a small town in Iowa (eye-oh-wah), was terrorized by a huge bat-like creature that flew at incredible speeds and dive-bombed the citizens. Witnesses described it as a monster that was half-human with a horned head and the large, leathery wings of a bat. As it swooped over the town, the beast emitted a blinding light from its head and released an overwhelming stench. It flew across the building tops for several nights. And even though townspeople fired their guns at it, the creature shrugged off the bullets. At one point they followed the creature to an abandoned coal mine where a smaller version of the monster appeared. Both abominations flew off in a blinding flash of light, but returned to the coal mine the next morning. Even though men from the town were waiting there with loaded weapons, the creatures made a strange shriek and descended the mineshaft. That was the last time the beasts were ever seen. To this day there is still no explanation for what the bizarre visitors may have been. What do you think?



9.Michael Vick
Having a dual threat as your fantasy quarterback can be a risk/reward type situation. All though they bring in extra points from rushing, they can possibly get injured quicker. One of the best performances during a single game took place in 2010 while playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. Many would argue that he played better overall before he got arrested but he never had a 49 point game before! During that game he threw for 333 yards and was able to rush for another 80 yards. He totaled 6 touchdowns with 2 of those being rushing touchdowns.

8.Calvin Johnson 2011
Also known as megatron, this guy was a touchdown machine in 2011 and he had the 4th highest scoring season as a wide reciever over the past 10 years in the NFL. This lean mean 237 pound machine was able to snatch himself a total of 16 touchdowns and a whopping 1681 yards that year. He caught 96 total passes with 32 of them being over 20 yards each. During one game vs Oakland that year, he was able to get 2 touchdowns and 214 points in one of his best career games! Many will miss not having Calvin Johnson on their starting roster because he’s currently enjoying his retirement from the league since 2015. The Lions could still use another Wide Reciever now that he’s gone and matthew Stafford certainly misses his notable presence.

7.Arian Foster 2010
It’s been about 9 years now since since arian foster had his best season and out beat Todd Gurley 2017 by 8 fantasy points. It was this year where he played for the Houston Texans when he rallied up a total of 18 total touchdowns. He also managed to rush for 1616 yards while catching 604 yards receiving. It ranks as the 3rd overall best fantasy season for a running back within the past 10 years and it was only his 2nd year. Ever since, his production declined and eventually it seemed that he played his last season with the miami dolphins in 2016

6.Rob Gronkowski 2011
Well wasn’t 2011 a great time for fantasy football, wasn’t it? Rob Gronkowski put the record for the most fantasy points scored in the past 10 years and managed to score 17 more points than Jimmy Graham who came in 2nd. He would put up an average of a 20 points per game which was huge for the tight end position. Tom Brady uses Rob as his go-to target while in the end zone and he’d certainly follow that trend again in 2014 where rob scored 296 fantasy points. When he can stay healthy, there’s no other Tight End more dominate which has helped him win numerous superbowl rings.

5.Antonio Brown 2014 and 2015
This wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers high the 2 highest scoring seasons for wide receivers and he did it during consecutive seasons! In 2014, he put 378 fantasy points and then the next year he put 382 total. This essentially makes him the best fantasy reciever over the past decade and had himself a great season in 2018 as well. Just last year, he finished in first place for touchdowns and 11th in yards. He’ll be a hot first round pick this year even though he’s now playing on the raiders.

4.Patrick Mahomes
If somehow you had Patrick Mahomes on your team last year, go ahead and pat yourself on the back! He was a huge surprise to everyone passing 50 touchdowns in 2018 and rushing for 2 touchdowns. Patrick is somewhat of a duel thre==at and can manage to pick up some decent yardage occasionally. During a game against the Los Angeles Rams, he threw for 6 touchdowns and 478 yards. Despite the 3 interceptions, he nearly tied the record for most touchdown passes in a single game. He outbeat himself vs the pittsburgh steelers, throwing 6 touchdowns but no interceptions. His team went on to win that game by 5 points and he did it on the road. Many are excited to see if he can still put up ridiculous numbers again this season.

3.Doug Martin
Also known as the muscle hamster, Doug Martin had an insane fantasy game that will go down in the record books. In 2012, Martin managed to rush for 251 yards, caught for 21 yards and scored a jaw dropping 4 touchdowns as apart of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’s seemingly underperformed ever since and will have trouble living up to this moment again. Now he’s playing for the raiders and will have some opportunities to show everyone that he’s not completely washed up!

2.Jamal Charles
Jamal Charles had a breakout season in 2013 when he scored a total of 382 points. BUt one of his biggest highlights will forever be that game during week 15 when he put up 51 fantasy points vs the Oakland raiders. He’s a regular producer in the NFL and has had 3 seasons where he’s rushed for over 1000 yards. During this game he scored 5 total touchdowns with 4 of those coming from receiving


Hospitals throughout the early 19th and 20th century often appreciated for their architecture and some have been given landmark status in places across the US. Other creepy spots in Europe might be over ran with rodents and urban explorers and are supposed to be off limits to the public. From vacant historical hospitals on islands near New York City, to decrepit castles in Belgium once used to keep the sick away from the healthy, here are the creepiest abandoned hospitals

5.Gartloch Mental Hospital
As mental health was beginning to become more researched in the 1800’s, more and more mental hospitals were being opened up in Great Britain and around the world. In 1896, the hospital opened up with 540 beds which was about the right size. But as time went by, it became a tuberculosis sanitarium as this outbreak was striking more fear into the population. It continued to function as on up until for roughly 50 years, and it nearly doubled in size in 1904. Eventually once tuberculosis became less common, it just functioned as a hospital up until 1996 when it finally closed it’s doors. It’s been a popular place for urban explorers to check out and get spooked out by any little noise. Many claim it’s quite haunted and just by looking at it, it seems to give off some spooky vibes.

4.Pidhirtsi Castle
Located in western Ukraine this was built by the polish and lithuanian commonwealth just 80 miles of one of Ukraine's cultural capitals of Lviv. The construction was ordered by one of the most powerful military officers of the commonwealth between 1635 and 1640 because of its strategic location. It’s guarded by a moat and a drawbridge, along with iron cannons. The castle seemingly was transformed into a palace with additions of a private zoo, vineyards, a trout pond and a mill. It wouldn’t be long however until foreign armies would seek to control the strategic fort and various empires would ransack it for it’s plunder. There was almost a constant battle going on here from the 17th century up until even world war II when it was looted by the soviets. The soviets destroyed various walls and transformed it into a tuberculosis sanitarium in 1950’s. The castle almost completely burned down in 1956 destroying valuable artwork. You can still see the scars from all the abuse this castle has endured.

3.North Brother Island
North Brother Island was once a holding area for smallpox and Tuberculosis patients,and it was founded in the 1850’s, closing down 1942. The buildings were later used to as a rehab center and was completely shut down from the public in 1963. With all the torment and illness as a part of the history on this island, those who actually have been here believe it’s haunted by the souls that once roamed through the hallways. It doesn’t end with just horrific diseases. The island was also the location to a devastating shipwreck that happened when a steamship called General Slocum caught on fire. and over 1000 people on board met their maker. Most of the buildings still stand but are consumed by the forest.

2.Chateau Miranda
Sometimes, castles can just get so creepy, that they just need to be demolished despite historical significance. This seems to be the case of Chateau miranda which was completely abandoned in 1991 and became a target for vandalism and urban exploring of course. The castle wasn’t built until 1866 but the construction was delayed for a long period of time, finally being finished in 1907. The builders of the chateau wouldn’t enjoy it for long and the building was occupied by German Forces during WWII. It became an orphanage for sick children afterwards until and just a large variety of creepy stuff happened here!



From this mysterious red lagoon to an eerie toxic saltfilled inland sea here are the most treacherous lakes

5.Lake Champlain
Located right in between the two states of New York and Vermont, Lake Champlain was once a fisherman’s paradise with plenty of landlocked Atlantic salmon. That was until it was introduced to an invasive species known as the lamprey. This jawless fish is classified as a cyclostomata which includes other jawless, round mouth fish like hagfish. Looking directly down the mouth of a lamprey might send chills down your spine! The resemble eels in a way but don’t have any scales . They use their sharp teeth to clamp on to other animals to cut into the bodies of other animals and give them some vampire treatment. Despite the lake being safe for drinking and swimming, the lampreys The pesky critters began showing up sometime in the 1800’s. There are also rumors of large sea monsters at this lake so it might be good to express some caution

4.Lake Chagan
Also known as Lake Chagan in Kazakhstan, this is where the Russians were hoping to use nuclear devices for engineering projects, which already sounds like a bad idea. They detonated a large 140 kiloton nuclear bomb underground to produce a crater large enough for a lake. The bomb displaced 10 million cubic meters of soil from the ground . The site was chosen near a dry lake bed Chagan river. The crater measuring 100 meters deep and 430 meters wide was filled with water from the river and a radioactive lake was formed. Soviets believed the lake would be suitable for wildlife but every animal they brought here didn’t last too long. Residents who live nearby the lake, claim that the lake is contaminated and seeping into their tap water. In this photo we can see it still test positive for radioactive particles.

3.Lake Superior
Many adventure seekers might decide to come to lake superior to experience the breathtaking natural beauty but it might not be quite as peaceful as you’d like to imagine. Gusts of wind here have been known to terrorize kayakers and throw them off path. Some people have even reported seeing 30 foot tall waves at this lake and it reaches and it has the greatest depth of any of the great lakes. It can go down in some places as far as 1300 feet! Don’t even think about trying to swim here during winter! Lake superior is one of the youngest lakes on the north american continent and it never really seems to get any warmer than 40 degrees farenheit. It was created by retreating glacial ice water after the ice age was over with about 10000 years ago. By surface area, it’s the worlds largest freshwater lake and contains 10% of the world fresh water supply. But if you can’t handle the cold temperatures, you might wanna stay out!

2.Tonle Sap
This freshwater lake in Cambodia is connected to the Mekong River delta and is known to expand and contract quite often. It has a wide ecosystem that’s recently been protected under Unesco. What’s strange about this lake is that people actually live right over it instead of building on the banks of the lake. Otherwise, it’s very likely that any village would become flooded. It’s one of the most inhabited lakes and fisherman can make a decent living from the abundance of fish found here. During monsoon season, there can be so much rain pour that it causes the lake to flow backwards, making it swell to more than 5 times its normal size!



5.Frog in Amber Fossil
Another way organisms can stand against the test of time is by being preserved with amber. Amber is basically fossilized tree resin produced by extinct trees during the tertiary period. This fossilized resin can even preserve fragile things like frogs for millions of years! These remarkable fossils show how little change the shape of bird feathers has made in the past 100 million years! Frogs are much less common to find and you’re usually not going to find an entire frog preserved this way. In order for this type of fossil to happen, the frog would need to be covered in the sticky sap of a tree millions of years ago and it’s quite remarkable this actually exists. It appears as though the beetle he was trying to eat for lunch got caught and spending eternity together. Here in this photo you see the tiny from from myanmar that scientists believed was caught in the sap trap 100 million years ago! This gives paleontologists an up close look at what frogs were like, and it’s doubtful that any other fossils like this is out there.

This species of carnivorous dinosaur lived from 155 million to 150 million years ago. It would have looked absolutely horrifying with dozens of sharp serrated teeth and would have been 39 feet in length. It was one of the more common predators and often on top of the food chain, consuming other herbivore dinosaurs and could even eat other predators if it needed to. Similar to the direwolves it hunted in packs.Just a few of them could take down mega giants like this barosaurus trying to defend himself. Quite a few of these have been discovered in the northwestern united states in places like wyoming. Some of the best preserved specimens are named Big Al and Big Al two who are on display at the museum of the rockies and at the University of Wyoming Geological Museum. When it comes to comparing the TRex and the allosaurus, the allowsaurus had the weaker jaws of the two but it’s mouth could open up wider.

3.Tropical Gar Skull
Here in this photo we see a fossilized Gar from fossil lake, Wyoming and are among some of the most primitive fish. They’re easily identifiable with their long, snouts and diamond shaped scales.This skull here was taken from a Tropical Gar which shares very similar characteristics to prehistoric creatures you see in the fossil. Even though this creature was once widespread across the globe, they’re now only found in North and Central America as well as Cuba.

2.Hammerhead Dino Fossils
This bizarre ancient reptile at first was believed to have had a deformed beak but it was actually just made that way, and it shares a striking resemblance to a hammerhead shark. Here in this photo you see a modern recreation next to the actual fossil that was discovered. Scientists believe the shape of the face actually evolved so that it could properly filter edible plant matter. This was discovered in the Yunnan Province of China, where unusual fossil discoveries seem to happen. It’s believed that this one here lived 242 million years ago and actually continued to live after the mass extinction took place. It was most likely a marine creature that used its chisel like teeth to scrape plants off rocks and off the seafloor.



From animals that can quickly out compete their local rivals, to goldfish that have gone at an exponential rate outside their tanks, here are pets that should never be released into the wild!

5.Red Eared Slider Turtle
You probably thought it was a cool idea to get a pet turtle after watching teenage mutant ninja turtles In case you thought all turtles were in need of saving, think again.Red Eared Slider Turtles are the most common species of turtle that’s used as a pet to humans that have also managed to thrive in different areas across the globe. In places such as New South Wales and Queensland Australia, they’ve become an invasive species and are posing a threat to native turtles of land down unda. They are able to reproduce, mature more quickly and are more hostile than other turtle species in the area. Numerous studies have shown that they’re able to outcompete most turtles for food and their voracious appetite for frogs can make those go endangered too. Australia has done their best to erradicate these turtles who are becoming a major nuisance. Eating them doesn’t seem to be a great solution either because they can spread salmonella fairly easily This species of turtle has been banned in the state of florida to keep them from being released into the wild.

4.The Frilled Lizard
This strange reptile looks like a modern day dinosaur and he’s got the frills to prove it. Found in Northern Australia and in New Guinea it has excess skin that it uses to flare up when it feels threatened in order to make it’s predators back away. They might not always be easy to spot due to their excellent camouflage that blends in well with tree bark. It typically stays in the trees unless it needs to find food or fight of other lizards who are in its territory. Feasting on a diet of beetles, mice, termites and butterflies, with the right conditions, these lizards are known grow rapidly with a good food source. When the cane toad was introduced as an invasive species, the frilled lizard population sky rocketed in australia.

3.Bengal Cats
Bengal cats are hybrids between a domestic cat and an asian leopard cat. Bengal cats are known for their spunky personalities who are a little more on the wild side than your average house cat. They are known to jump really high, and have spots like a real leopard. This is not like breeding a lion and tiger. These animals are not depressed and actually enjoy a few health benefits from your average cat like immunity to feline leukemia. To keep one of these at home it’s best for them to have at least 3 or generations of domestication in their background. These cats need a little extra attention and shouldn’t be outside cats or they may just go back to their wild ways.Due to their abilities to jump really high, they can escape enclosures, hop fences and get to places that are really hard to get to for humans. They will also relentlessly hunt things such as squirrels, birds, chipmunks and other small animals. Owners might have noticed some of their apex predator like capabilities and in the right environment, they might begin to spread.

2.Giant African Land Snails
Have you ever considered having a pet snail before? This massive snail was originally brought to africa as a type of pet or even a food source and has become an invasive species This giant species of snail is also known as the giant tiger snail, and they’re native to western Africa in countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Togo, and others. Growing up to 7.1 inches long and 3.5 inches in diameter, it’s a big snail with a big appetite. They’re known to eat awful things including rat feces and even stucco on homes and should never be eaten by humans. Being able to lay up 1200 eggs at a time, and with no natural enemies, the population has gotten out of control. It’s being a staple food source for the locals in those countries in Africa but they are prone to infectious diseases.



Everybody get ready. Football season is approaching and you need to know what stadiums are best to go. From the home of the 12th man, to billion dollar architectural masterpieces, here are the most amazing NFL Stadiums

5. Heinz Field, Steelers
Another stadium that’s left open to the elements is Heinz Field, located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The stadium opened in 2001 after they demolished three rivers stadium costing 397.6 million dollars adjusted for inflation. Being located in steel city, the designers of that project kept that in mind and 12,000 tons of steel to construct. The first football game took place in front of a sold out crowd during their season opener. Unlike many on these list besides denver, they actually use an old fashioned grass playing surface. Heinz Field has also upgraded their food menu this year introducing the Smallman St Sandwich. It included banana peppers, shaved hot sausage, fried eggplant and topped off with some marinara and mozzarella cheese!

4. Arrowhead Stadium
Located in Kansas City, Missouri this would also be a great place to get some bbq while you watch the game! Home to the kansas city chiefs and the new star player Mahomes, Arrowhead stadium ranked high on polls for favorite stadiums across the US. People in Kansas City don’t have a ton of things to do besides concern themselves with football which makes this an electrifying home stadium to play at. The Chiefs often have a decent home field advantage and won’t lose here too often. Despite that they haven’t brought home a Superbowl trophy since 1970 but maybe they’re due for one.

3. Centurylink Field, Seattle Seahawks
Also known for being home to the 12th man, Centurylink Field has essentially reached landmark status in the city of Seattle. It opened 17 years ago in July of 2002 and cost roughly 600 million dollars adjusted for inflation. It’s designed to hold 68 thousand people but can be expandable to 72 thousand if needed. The record attendance here was during a matchup vs the Kansas City Chiefs in December of 2018. It’s lacking a retractable roof which leaves it open to the elements and the Seattle rain. It’s earned a reputation for being one of stadiums in the world with the seating decks and partial roof allowing for noise to be amplified.

2. Lambeau Field, Green Bay Packers
This stadium rightfully earns its place on our list for being one of the more historic football stadiums. It’s by far the oldest one on this list, being constructed in 1956 and it’s doubtful that it will ever be demolished. Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, it’s not in a bustling metropolis like so many other stadiums are. Adjusted for inflation and renovations, it’s worth about 402 million dollars in today’s cash. In winter time, it’s more than likely that the forecast will have some snow in it! Many epic historic games have taken place here and it’s almost like a museum where football games are held. Don’t forget to wear your cheese head!

Honorable mention goes the Raiders stadium located in Las Vegas that’s currently being built and expected to be open in 2020.


The area 51 raid is coming up in about 2 months now, so it might be important to understand which types of aliens you might make contact with. Some of these creatures could have made deals with our government while others you would definitely not want to take home as your friend. Many aliens were about to mention have been seen on camera, witnessed by abductees and could have been mistaken for demons throughout history. From aliens being kept from the public for good reasons, to other aliens who’ve tried to progress mankind, here are species of aliens on earth.

5.The Pleiadians
The Pleiadians are described as a beautiful species similar to humans with Nordic qualities and are responsible for colonizing several planets. They have made superior advancements in exploration. When this species was invaded by the Reptilians, they quickly developed life elsewhere but are still in a constant struggle for control of the constellation of Lyra. The Pleiadians have the power to teleport. Some believe the pleiadians are the inspiration for the Gods of the Vikings like Odin and Thor. They are an easygoing species and can be easily reached by telepathic and psychic communications. Or maybe not so easy if you put it that way. When humans were testing nuclear weapons at the national nevada security site, they came to communicate with our government. They wanted to negotiate a deal where we surrender our arsenal and stop the testing and in return, they would help society progress on a spiritual and intellectual level. The US government didn’t trust them for whatever reason and decided to refuse the dea and they’ve kept quiet with us sincel.

4. Horlocks or MIB
Horlocks are basically the humans who are so firmly under the hypnotized grip of the Reptilians that they are almost an entire species of alien and deserve at least an honorable mention. Also known as the Men in Black, the horlocks are direct, neurologically altered slaves of the Reptilians and work in organizations such and the CIA, FBI and Secret Service. Some horlocks might actually aliens disguised as humans, using makeup, wigs, black suits, and randomly show up wherever a UFO sighting had occured.They’re often spotted wearing sunglasses in order to hide the true forms of their eyes which are extremely sensitive to light. When often encountered they seem eerily robotic and synthesized. They use threats of intimidation to keep the masses completely silenced who may have encountered a UFO or a reptilian.

Some Reptilians bred themselves to appear more human and less reptile- like, in order to save themselves some time when shape shifting. Sightings of these aliens have happened at New Mexico, Groom Lake, Nevada; Deep Springs, California and elsewhere. In their original form, their eyes kind of bulge out, with scaly, hairless skin. Some Chameleons use artificial lenses in order to appear more human-like and conceal their slit-pupiled Iris. They are currently coming up with their own plot of infiltration of human society but haven’t begun yet. They may have some competition with other Reptilian type aliens in the future but their ability to shape shift quicker, could be an advantage..Some of these are held captive at area 51 and are kept in cages to keep them from escaping. If they do escape, the only way to identify one is hold a light up to their eyes. If their pupils don’t shrink, they’re alien.

2.Interdimensional Aliens
Interdimensional Aliens were discussed in a FBI document dating back to July 8th 1947 which discusses a peaceful group of extraterrestrials who travel in flying saucers. They don’t actually live on any kind of planet but in another dimension, possibly some kind of parallel universe. This would seem to suggest using wormholes for time travel or something of that nature. Not to be mistaken for the nordic aliens, these space people are substantially taller than us. They’re ships possess a type of radiant energy which was also described later on by former area 51 scientist Bob Lazar. These beings are able to shapeshift and disappear when they need to. Their bodies are able to materialize when they enter our planet with higher levels of dense matter. The document also suggests that they could have possibly communicated with these visitors using radar but not by radio.



From places that surprisingly swarm with these apex predators to the largest shark teeth that belonged to megaladons here are the craziest shark discoveries!

5.Shark Teeth
The carnivorous beasts will feast on just about anything they can find, ranging from dolphins, seals, sea turtles to rays. Their massive jaws can hold about 300 teeth despite possibly losing one or two each week. Great white Sharks can regenerate teeth unlike humans, mainly because their teeth are technically considered to be scales. Sharks might have some 3000 teeth at one time and don’t actually use those teeth to chew, but to rip off flesh. You can even make your own shark discoveries by walking along the beach. The best time to find shark teeth on the shore is when there are strong currents and high tides. Venice beach florida is declared as the shark tooth capital of the world which might be a good or a bad thing. If you find too many teeth, you might want to be careful where you take your next swim. If you’re lucky, you might even find a megalodon tooth! REcently in florida, 2 shark bites occured on the same day at the same beach on the southside of jacksonville.

4.Great White Encounters
Certainly one of the most shocking encounters at the beach one could witness would be a massive great white shark. There’s no way to really detect them unless you got some sonar or you see the dorsal fin coming out of the water. Maybe This photo here was captured off the coast of Guadalupe Island, in Mexico. A dramatic encounter took place when a great white shark enters the scuba diving cage somehow with a diver still in it! Miraculously, the diver still survives and wasn’t eaten! He should consider himself lucky. The Great White was more concerned with getting out of the cage and will come back for him another day.

3.Jersey Shore Encounters
The Jersey shore shark encounters of 1916 are quite similar to the film Jaws. A series of vicious shark incidents swept the Jersey shore area and unfortunately none of the victims included snooky. Scholars have debated exactly which species of shark it was but they most likely believe it was either bull shark or great white. An extreme heat wave in 1916 drove many out to the shores to enjoy get a fresh dip in the ocean. Unfortunately for them, sharks normally prefer warmer climates but do to the heat wave, they made it up north If only they had known what was lurking beneath! 5 people were attacked in an 11 day time period. This sparked a war against sharks in this area and people were sent to hunt them. This was known as one of largest animal hunts in history

2.Largest Great White Shark
Could it be true that a real life jaws sized great white shark actually exists out there? The biggest shark out there was found off the coast of Guadalupe Island. The shark was given the name of Deep blue and you can see in these photos how tiny people actually look compared to the enormous Apex predator. The shark also appears to have large visible slashes on the left flank and dorsal fin. This was most likely a result of fighting or mating. Great Whites only tend to grow 15 but this one is not only 5 feet longer but weighs about twice the size of an average great white.

But before we get to our number one, let us know in the comment section what shark you would be and maybe we’ll feature you in an upcoming video.



We all have quirky habits, many of which we keep extremely private. But imagine the possibilities when you realize that other people share your quirky habits? These subcultures are all about that, and have like-minded people all enjoying the same, weird thing!

6 - Gyaru
As is to be expected in Japan, there are several slightly peculiar subcultures, one of them being Gyaru. Gyaru means gal, and it was taken from the 1968 Levi’s campaign which had the slogan, "Levi's for Gals". Dress code could be the equivalent of Snooki and the Jersey shore girls. Think big blonde hair, orange fake tans, loads of make-up and revealing clothing. Gyaru’s have many subcategories, depending on gender and choice of fashion, for example, a Gyaru mama is a gal mamma who continues to dress in the gyaru style after having children.

5 - Visual Kei
Back to Japan we go and meet those that follow Visual Kei, a mishmash between 80s gear, heavy metal, goth-inspired costumes, Lolita’s, vampire and big hair. It’s a great combination and anything goes! It’s an androgynous subculture with loads of makeup and a very distinct musical sound. Some in the music industry have classed Visual Kei as an entire genre of music.

4 - Dandyism or Flappers
This is a subculture that I wouldn’t mind seeing catch on more! It’s mainly the girls who are part of this group, which sees the fashion of the 1920s being brought back to life. Think sequinned clothing, beads, heels, red lipstick. Some guys enjoy it too and have reinvented the tweed suit and bowler hat! Jazz clubs and card playing are also a large part of dandyism.

3 - Steampunk
And on to one that is a little more familiar and one that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast – Steampunk! It’s Victorian fashion with modern elements and it’s been going strong since 2005. There’s even a TV show called Steampunk’d. Copper is a big part of the trend, corsets, boots, frilly white shirts, petticoats and round glasses. Top hats are a great addition to any outfit along with anachronistic technological accessories.

2 - Memecore
Not a day goes by that we are not exposed to several memes, and Memecore is a fashion subculture where people wear large-scale prints of those memes like grumpy cats, or the world record egg or whatever else happens to be trending now. Even Moschino runways have had models walk the ramp in oversized McDonalds and Spongebob inspired clothing.


Some things that are left behind from past civilizations makes historians scratch their heads and according to some alien astronaut theorists, many of these were about to mention may indicate some contact with extraterrestrials. Whether they were metallic hats made from gold to objects with debatable origins, here are the most mysterious alien artifacts

5.Wolfsegg Iron
Also known as the Salzburg cube found in Austria in 1885, this object has been declared an out of place artifact by many when it was discovered in a 20 million years old coal seam. At first many believed it was meteorite that struck the ground and ended up in the coal seam that way. But further testing showed that this wasn’t the case since it lacked the common elements like nickel, chromium or cobalt and the chunk of iron remained a mystery. Could this have been some kind of waste dropped a flying saucer or something?

4.The Sarmizegetusa (sar-mee-zedge-uh-joo-sa)-Hexagon
This ancient bronze matrix is over 2000 years old and is an extremely important piece of archaeology. This was found after a storm had hit the Sarmizegetusa area in western Romania. This bronze mold weighs about 20 pounds and was believed to have been used to construct decorative pieces made of precious metals of mythical creatures. Animals like lions, wolves, and vultures are carefully crafted on this object and it seems to extremely advanced for this period of time. This small village is really more of an archaeological dig site now and they’re hoping they can find more mysterious pieces like this one. It also believed that this was in fact from the Dacian civilization who were the ancient inhabitants of the Black Sea and challenged rome for power of Eastern Europe

3.Wedge of Aiud
This wedge was found during a construction project in Aiud, Romania and seems to be an out of place artifact that has made many people scratch their heads. It weighs about 4-5 pounds and was discovered next to a jaw bones of two mastodons in 35 feet of sand. Since it was on the same layer of sand as the mastodons, people believe the wedge is about 11,000 years old or possibly older. What makes this object even more mysterious, is that it’s made of aluminum. No one had ever really used aluminum effectively until about 1825 and it takes a great deal of heat in order for it to be melted down. Others believe this was part of a bigger tool that could have only been used by extraterrestrials or some advanced civilization who had the proper complex tools to melt aluminum. Others certainly believe it was just a well-executed hoax by the construction workers. What do you believe?

2.Alien Coin
If this coin can somehow prove life on another planet or that it was used by extraterrestrials, it could worth more than all the coins on this list combined! Researchers have found mysterious coins throughout the centuries but this one here has caused much intrigue among the UFO enthusiasts who’ve seen it. Of course, skeptics are going to jump to conclusions right away and call it a hoax, but what if it’s not? This was apparently discovered during a house renovation in Egypt. One side has the head of what looks like the grey species of alien while the backside seems to look like a spaceship hovering around. The inscription on the back has the latin phrase Opportunus Adest, which translates to it’s here in due time.



Area 51 is located within close proximity of the proving grounds where hundreds of nuclear bombs were detonated. It seems clear that experimental aircraft isn’t the only thing tested in this area. It’s possible the government has a new revolutionary type of energy that would allow them to reach far beyond our solar system. If you were to raid area 51, what kind of technology might be hidden here and is the government suppressing technology that could progress the human species 1000’s of years in the future. Could anti gravitational power have been discovered in Roswell and then tested here? Other theories include testing weather control and chem-trails here. These are all things we’re gonna take a look at today on american eye. Here is secret technology hidden at Area 51!

4.Human Experiments
The scary part about area 51 isn’t just the aliens but also because this is a CIA base, and we all know they’re capable of some pretty absurd stuff like MKultra. Some claim that some of the darkest possible projects are taking place at area 51 underground where human experimentation, and psychological warfare techniques are tested out. Unethical human experiments have been known to happen at the national nevada security site in the past, with soldiers being exposed to radiation from nuclear weapons. Atmospheric nuclear explosions were apart of what was known as operation plumbbob where the military would find out what would happen to people exposed to nuclear fallout. Now that technology has increased and interest in genetics is at an all time people, would it be too far fetched to believe that there is some type of bio lab, creating human hybrids. Elon musk recently stated that someday he might be able to bring us real life anime cat women. Human cloning also seems very possible and they can conduct their research without anyone knowing about it. What kind of hybrid would you create if you had the technology? Let us know in the comment section and maybe we’ll feature you in an upcoming video.

3.Flying Saucers
Bob Lazar claims that if technology was released from area 51, it would change the entire economy. We would no longer need cars, no more airplanes, no more fossil fuels etc. Bob Lazar also claims that he reverse engineered flying saucers which used element 115 as fuel. There were nine different models and he only got to work on one of them. He described some as looking sleek and sporty and others to look like top hats. There are 2 different levels. The bottom level of the craft had the gravity amplifiers while the 1nd level was used to hold the pilot. In the craft that was recovered, the cockpit was much smaller and built for grey aliens who only stood 3 to 4 feet tall. The element 115 gets put through a particle accelerator and releases a type of radiation that we haven’t seen before. It creates antimatter which when exposed to matter creates 100 percent energy. The craft can generate it’s own gravitational field making which means it doesn’t have to follow the laws of gravity on earth. By being able to control gravity, you could essentially distort the distance between two objects and make it closer, which will decrease the time. It’s a fairly complicated topic but we recommend you watch this Bob Lazar interview from the 1990’s and tell us what you think.

2.Time Travel
Since time, space and gravity are all so closely linked together, just being able to control one of these variables can result in a change of the other. Some if Bob Lazar was correct that we had some control over gravity, we could be able to control time right? Andrew Basiago claimed that he participated in the project at the young age of 7 all the way until he was 12. He says that Project Pegasus was a top secret government program that worked on teleportation and time travel with help from the company, DARPA. He stated that the machine consisted of two gray elliptical booms that were about 8 feet tall and 10 feet wide and contained radiant energy between them. His story is rather interesting due to the fact that he mentioned Darpa which is a company that’s been associated with secret weapon technology. Other testimony that links area 51 to time travel includes the confessional of Robert Miller who claims to have worked at the secretive military base.