Merry Driftmas and a Hethel New Year from Lotus Cars

Lotus 70th Anniversary Event Live Stream #Lotus70

Provisional Track Schedule:

10:15am 110 Lotus Bike Club Cycling Time Trial
10:45am Welcome & Introductory Speeches from Senior Lotus Executives
11:00am 70th Celebration Unveiling
11:15am Classic Team Lotus Display (1)
11:45am Sunbeam Lotus Rally Cars
12:15pm Lotus Cortina Register
12:45pm Lotus Dynamics Display
13:00pm ‘One of every Lotus car ever made’ Parade
14:00pm Lotus Driving Academy - Win a Hot Lap!
14:30pm Classic Team Lotus Display (2)
15:00pm Special Event Set Up
15:30pm Special Event Activity

Marking our territory. Celebrating 70 years on our test track.

Leaving a 70-themed mark on the test track’s skidpan using just two of its most celebrated models, no CGI and more than few pairs of tyres were used in the making of this video. The precise driving required is a fitting tribute to the precision engineering that the marque is world famous for.

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