TU Delft - Summoning heat from below

How to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels? Associate professor Phil Vardon wants to be able to use the natural heat that is in the ground to generate sustainable energy. He hopes that in 20 years’ time every new building will be heated by using some sort of geothermal energy.

More information on the website of Geothermal Science & Engineering of TU Delft: https://www.tudelft.nl/geothermal/

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TU Delft - Bachelor Applied Earth Sciences

TU Delft - AFTERMOVIE 1e TU Delft Secretaresse Congres

TU Delft - Building affordable homes using local biological resources

People in rural India live in traditional ‘mud’ or ‘earth’ houses, houses made with soil. This material is not water-resistant and, over time, rain causes the walls to crumble. PhD-student Yask Kulshreshtha (TU Delft) wants this to change and is trying to develop materials made out of local biological resources that makes mud walls water-resistant. His aim is to build earth houses that are affordable, durable and desirable.

More information in the full Story of Science: http://ow.ly/6cch30ntHGH

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TU Delft - Zero Energy Design: Pulse

Reduction of energy consumption of buildings is an important step in the move towards a sustainable economy. How can buildings be made net zero energy, in different climates? Learn more about the MOOC Zero Energy Design on edX: https://www.edx.org/course/zero-energy-building-design

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TU Delft - Time-lapse video constructie CNS-koelgebouw bij Reactor Instituut Delft

TU Delft -Safe drinking water for all

With the new TU Delft Global Drinking Water programme Dr. Doris van Halem is accelerating the development of new drinking water technologies by stimulating early-stage field research in developing countries. Read more: https://www.tudelft.nl/en/delft-university-fund/research/safe-drinking-water/

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