Starling | Monitoring forests and understanding who, what, where…

Starling is a satellite-based service developed by Airbus and Earthworm Foundation (ex TFT) as a global verification system evidencing that there is no deforestation taking place throughout the supply chain.

It uses cutting-edge technology to combine high-resolution radar and optical satellite imagery to provide unbiased year-round monitoring of land cover changes and forest cover disturbances.
Data collected and its analytics, enables companies to manage risk and perform field intervention strategies to drive change.

Addressing deforestation efficiently with Starling!

Discover Earth Monitor

Earth Monitor is a new geospatial analytics service, co-developed with Orbital Insight and powered by OneAtlas.

With Earth Monitor, track changes over your areas of interest (AOIs) with powerful analytics that automatically detect and aggregate objects such as cars, trucks, roads, homes, buildings and construction sites.

Watch the full presentation on this video, recorded during our launch webinar on May 16.

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Nestlé, Tackling deforestation with Starling " />
Airbus has helped Nestlé accelerate on its zero deforestation supply chain by 2020.

Using Airbus Starling service, Nestlé has gained access to high resolution satellite imagery, alerts risks, data analytics and deforestation trends to drive their decision and perform field intervention strategy.

Discover Starling:

Joining Airbus CyberSecurity " />
Joining Airbus CyberSecurity means joining a growing business. How better start your new job than joining the Cyber Newcomers Event? Discover why our new team members joined Airbus CyberSecurity all across Europe and what makes them thrive in their daily job.
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The Future Is Now - Airbus is shaping the future of Space industry

Airbus has always been at the forefront of innovation to develop new products, solutions and manufacturing technologies.
Airbus innovates to create the future of space, bring out customers added value and improve the competitiveness of our satellite solutions.
Our portfolio covers the whole range of market requirements, we have solutions for all orbits, all applications and focus on innovative satellite solutions and industrial efficiency.

C295 Canada Roll out " />
Important milestone for the Canadian C295: the first FWSAR (Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue) aircraft has rolled out of final assembly. More info:

Airbus CyberSecurity " />
Airbus CyberSecurity provides companies critical national infrastructures and government and defence organisations with reliable, high-performance products and services to detect, analyse and respond to increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. Airbus CyberSecurity is a unit of Airbus Defence and Space with over 800 professionals operating from France, Germany and the UK.

New employees Welcome event at Secure Communications

At Airbus Secure Communications, we feel that welcoming new employees is an essential part of onboarding them and make them feel “at home” in their new working environment. We decided to throw an informal cooking challenge for the 50 new employees that have joined us in the last 12 months at Elancourt. Will they live up to the French cuisine standards ?

STYRIS® - Airbus Masters Maritime Safety and Security to learn more about STYRIS® – Airbus’ leading maritime safety and security solution." />
Visit to learn more about STYRIS® – Airbus’ leading maritime safety and security solution.

16. How to build an A400M: Digital tools ensure high quality

The A400M MSN 100’s assembly continues at Station 50 in the Airbus final assembly facility in Seville, Spain, including alignment of the horizontal and vertical tailplanes using such digital tools as tablets and the performance tracker to organise the daily tasks and ensure high quality.

CHEOPS the hunter of exoplanets " />
Airbus has completed construction of the CHEOPS satellite 🛰️, the first of ESA’s small missions focused on defining the properties of planets orbiting nearby stars✨
The mission will enable a first-step characterisation of the composition and nature of planets beyond our Solar System.
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SpaceDataHighway " />
Airbus Defence and Space starts the initial service of its SpaceDataHighway. This represents a step change in the speed of space communications. Ultra-broadband laser communications and the geostationary orbit of the relay satellites will make data latency a thing of the past.Through laser communication, the SpaceDataHighway can transfer high-volume data from Earth observation satellites, airborne platforms, or even from the International Space Station at a data rate of 1.8 Gbps and can transmit up to 40 terabytes per day.

Be ready to enter the SpaceDataHighway the 28th of November 2016 #SpaceDataHighway

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OneAtlas Data Webinar

In this webinar, get a first glimpse of what OneAtlas offers and how to access our Data services. You will learn about the Living Library, which provides instant access to our most recent imagery, updated daily, and understand how this data differentiates from GeoStore. Additionally, you will gain insight on our APIs and get a first look at our Developer Portal, making data access available in multiple ways: streaming, download or API.

Airbus Secure Communications celebrates International Women’s day

From courageous pioneers to tomorrow's fearless leaders, we celebrate today’s inspiring women. For International Women’s day, we invite you to #BalanceForBetter
#IWD2019 #ShesSecureComms

Family flight highlights San Pablo’s tenth anniversary

Under the slogan, ‘SP10: Welcome Aboard’, the Military Aircraft site of San Pablo celebrated its tenth anniversary. The formation flight of the A400M, MRTT, Eurofighter and C295 was among the day’s biggest attractions.