War of the Fae Gods - Jayne Faith

War of the Fae Gods

By Jayne Faith

  • Release Date: 2019-10-17
  • Genre: Hedendaags


The Seelie hold on Faerie is slipping, and wrathful gods are closing in . . .

Petra Maguire, newly-crowned Queen of the Carraig Sidhe, wishes she could focus on her own fledgling kingdom, but Faerie is facing threats unlike any seen in generations. If the Seelie are to have any hope of victory, she must unravel the mystery of the ancient power running through her veins.

Can Petra harness the magic of the gods before her blood father Periclase takes the Summerlands and an eternal winter destroys the homeland she loves?

Stone Blood Series (now complete!):
1 Blood of Stone
2 Stone Blood Legacy
3 Rise of the Stone Court
4 Reign of the Stone Queen
5 War of the Fae Gods