Open Skies - Thomas Block

Open Skies

By Thomas Block

  • Release Date: 2012-05-12
  • Genre: Detectives en thrillers


His only novel written in first-person - in the voice of character Jack Sawyer, an ex-airline pilot turned private investigator - has now been extensively revised and and updated by author Thomas Block, and is now available in print and in all major ebook formats! The death of an airline copilot during a layover in Chicago may have looked like an accident, but there were suspicions that hinted at something else. Jack Sawyer is then hired to investigate and, along with his estranged wife Susan and a caste of others, he sets out to track down a killer and the real reasons behind the murder. Originally published in England, reviewers there said:"A chilling climax...Open Skies is his best!" London Daily Express"Before we get to an unusual climax, there is action galore!" Sunderland Echo"Tense, smart and especially appealing..." Liverpool Daily Post"For the whodunnit fan looking for something different...good reading." Dover Planner"A super story, a chip off the old Block!" Glasgow Herald