Exploring The Moon - NASA

Exploring The Moon


  • Release Date: 2012-12-06
  • Genre: Wetenschap en natuur


These materials have been designed for use in upper elementary through high schools.
This book contains: information on the Lunar Sample Disk, Activity Matrices -- Skills & Standards, A Teacher’s Guide, Moon ABCs Fact Sheet, Rock ABCs Fact Sheet, Progress in Lunar Science Chart, 17 activities, Resource Section for each unit, Glossary, NASA Educational Resources. The “Teacher’s Guide” titled “The Moon: Gateway to the Solar System,” provides background information about the Moon. It tells the story of the Moon’s geological history and how scientists try to decipher the story. This background information may be useful reading for students as well. Key facts about the Moon appear on the “Moon ABCs” and “Rock ABCs” pages. These pages were named to emphasize the basic nature of the information. The “Progress in Lunar Science Chart” summarizes our knowledge about the Moon.