Beginner’s Mind - Zen Buddhism & Go - Brian Johnson

Beginner’s Mind - Zen Buddhism & Go

By Brian Johnson

  • Release Date: 2014-08-29
  • Genre: Filosofie


There are many metaphors for the game of Go, but this book is designed for both Go players and those interested in Buddhist philosophy who’d like to explore how Buddhism and the game of Go inform and enrich each other. As an electronic text, Beginner’s Mind - Zen Buddhism and Go is able to take full advantage of image galleries, animations, hyperlinks, built-in quizzes, and a user-friendly design layout to help readers gain clarity about the fascinating and complex parallels between these two. Organized into five chapters, the first deals with a short history of the origin story of Buddhism and the history of Zen Buddhism in Japan before going into detail about the basic rules and strategies in the game of Go. Chapters two, three, four, and five are organized around each of the four pillars of Buddhism (Impermanence, Nothingness, Interconnectedness, and Non-attachment) with a special emphasis on how each pillar connects to the game of Go.  

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