Aircraft DESIGNED At Area 51!

Area 51 has been home to many technilogical advancements throughout the years and we never know what they’re gonna come up with next, because it’s top secret. Throughout the years they’ve tested some revolutionary aircraft that would be used to spy on the soviets and other communist states during the cold war. Located in the middle of the nevada desert, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever even get close to this place. Could they have stolen all this technology from aliens? From rumored top secret aircraft, to some of the most advanced drones in the world, here is aircraft designed at area 51

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6. Northrop Tacit Blue
This notable engineering failure was first tested out at groom lake in 1982 and notoriously nicknamed the extraterrestrial school bus and the whale. People who worked on the project were called whalers. They conducted 135 test flights on the aircraft and many engineering problems had to be addressed. Although the smooth edges were good from a stealth advantage, they really didn’t help much when it came to maneuverability and aerodynamics It was designed as a part of the Battlefield Surveillance Aircraft Experimental Program or BSAX. This was supposed to help provide surveillance of the battlefield with a low possibility of being detected and ultimately surviving various forms of surface to air defenses.

5. Aurora X
Although the existence of this aircraft is still completely theoretical, many people have wondered what continued research on the SR-71 would have lead to. The government has consistently denied the existence of this triangular shaped vehicle that reach a speed of Mach 5 but would they even tell us if it did exist? Theories began to swirl in the 1980’s as some researchers felt as though we had the capabilities to reach hypersonic and as more and more money began to pour into black projects it seemed like something like this must be the reason for it. Quite a few people have claimed to make sightings of the aurora and have heard a sonic boom that accompanies it.

4. Boeing Bird of Prey
It’s a bird, It’s a plane, it’s a spaceship, No it’s boeing bird of prey! Considered to be a product of Area 51’s black projects, the boeing Bird of Prey certainly has an interesting futuristic design and been one of the more mysterious planes on this list. The company known as McDonnell Douglas as well as Boeing received a 67 million dollar budget for this experimental stealth unmanned vehicle. It gets its name from the klingon bird of prey in Star Trek and it kind of looks like it could have definitely been on that show. One of the main goals of its design was to reduce the size of a shadow that it left on the ground which made it more detectable. Although the project was retired in 1999, it wouldn’t be revealed to the public until 2002. The only one ever built is on display at the wright patterson air force base near dayton ohio.

3. Predator Drone
The Predator drone is the most active yet bizarre aircraft we have in use today. This was designed by the United States Air Force and has been used in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Serbia, Yemen and during the Libyan Civil war. It’s Nato’s go to recon aircraft and is an unmanned aircraft. This is preferable since it’s going into dangerous locations. Looks quite a bit different than your average airplane and can reach speeds of 135 miles per hour. Some are even armed with missiles. Looks like something from out of the future!

2. The Reaper Drone
The Reaper drone has taken the role as the top go to offense drone used by the US military and different branches of government. . What do you think patrolling the skies around Area 51? You might be a little surprised to see this on the list, but the predator drone is not quite as expensive and can really pack a lot of punch for the 12.5 million dollars it costs to produce. The main reason for the production of Reaper drones was for it to be used in classified offensive operations by the CIA and USAF. This allows you to put eyes in the sky without have to risk the life of a well trained pilot. It’s now Nato’s go to recon aircraft with many advancements over the predator. The most noticeable advancement being the top speed at 300 miles an hour while predator can only reach 135. The payload is also much higher with the capability of dropping up to 3800 pounds of laser guided bombs and missiles. The Weaponized versions of these can deliver devastating bombing raids and can easily destroy large convoys of tanks. Typically speaking, drone flyers suffer from less ptsd and can even be controlled from the operators


Most EXPENSIVE Cities in the World

Some places are becoming increasingly expensive to own property and even trying to find a small one bedroom apartment in these cities is becoming more and more difficult. The cost of living requires money for food, basic utilities, transportation to work, gas prices and so on. There’s even a place on this list that has average monthly salary that’s lower than the average price for a monthly one bedroom rental! Today we’re going to take a look at the most expensive places to live around the world.

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6. Dubai
The burj khalifa operates as an office building and rent here definitely isn’t cheap, cost residents 43 thousand per month. It’s rumored that many of the buildings are simply left abandoned since no one will budge on the price. If you want to live in the city center it’s really not all that great either. People are expected to be making some kind of oil money out here with one bedroom apartments costing about 1600 dollars per month, making it certainly one of more expensive places to live in the middle east! Gas prices are pretty cheap here as you can imagine with a gallon only going for about 2 bucks or so. Food is relatively affordable but don’t count on getting alcohol here at your grocery store.

5. Hong Kong
The city of Hong Kong is slowly starting to become the most unaffordable city in the world, with average rent prices for a one bedroom apartment becoming more expensive than the average monthly income! This has brought a divide between rich and poor in the city and has lead many people from this to city to live elsewhere. Buying an apartment in downtown Hong Kong will cost buyers over 4x as much as LA while renting prices are at least 300 dollars more per month in comparison. People are expected to pay 2400 a month while earning an average income of 2450 per month. While eating at a restaurant here is surprisely less expensive than you would imagine, the cost of beef, cheese, wine and milk are substantially higher than the rest of the US. Don’t get us started on the fuel! Gas prices might startle americans with prices reaching 8 dollars a gallon. The rich have purchased a substantial amount of property here which as has made things difficult for a middle class to exist. Another surprising difference is the cost of a gym membership which goes for an average of 80 bucks a month.

4. Zurich
Tucked away in the Alps, you better hope zombies don’t learn to climb mountains! Switzerland might be one of the best counties to hide during the zombie apocalypse for numerous reasons. First of all, it’s pretty much the only country in Europe where everyone owns a gun! Fresh alpine water is found all over this country, including Zurich and many lakes might need very little if any, purification to be drinkable! It’s nearly half a mile above sea level and there’s a potential hideout location in every alp cabin you come across. Lake Zurich, located right next to the city, is extremely clean, and needs very little treatment before it’s potable. While everyone else is being infected with flesh eating viruses, you can enjoy the views of the swiss alps! Don’t forget to pick up a handy dandy authentic, swiss army knife while you’re here.

3. Singapore
Singapore is an island city-state located of the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula. It’s a diverse financial hub home to over 5 million inhabitants and is a common destination for tourists and immigrants. Only just slightly less expensive that living in Switzerland, singapore has had fairly decent reputation for being one of the most expensive places to live in Asia. People typically make less than 1,000 bucks more than their monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment. LIving in the city center will cost renters about 1900 per month but trying to buy any kind of property here is also going to be difficult. Price per Square footage is more than twice as expensive as living in LA

2.New York City
If you’re working in New York City than you can likely afford the rent here but living might not always be too easy. Square footage is twice as expensive as Los Angeles and people in manhattan need at least 3,100 dollars per month for a one bedroom apartment. Grocery prices are 35 percent higher than their west coast competition and restaurant prices are 21 percent higher. Surprisingly, gas prices are little bit cheaper in the big apple and residents can enjoy the good selection of public transportation.


Companies Going Out of Business in 2019

Have we been long overdue for a retail apocalypse? How long is gonna be until amazon takes your job? Not every company out there was meant to be around forever and the US has had a surplus of retail stores and restaurants for decades now. It was only a matter of time before they went bankrupt or closed up shops.

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7. Payless
Payless is closing stores likely because they couldn’t keep up with their name, which promises that customers will payless. Payless closes all their stores in Canada and the US due to low sales. In February of 2019, they decided to liquidize all their assets and over 2400 people in canada alone lost their jobs. Just 2 years ago in the US, over 400 shops were closed and the company went under creditor protection. In April of 2017, they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy which is never a good sign for things to come. While many would like to point the blame on amazon on this one, the most obvious reason would be that there were just way too many stores. Lots of money gets involved with keeping shoes in stock in different sizes, for kids and for women too. Rent and labor don’t make things any cheaper. Customers were paying less but at the same time, the quality wasn’t all that great in the first place.

6. Tesla Stores
Tesla is still a relatively new company but they are quick to notice the trend of online shopping and started closing stores in March of 2019. CEO Elon Musk said that tesla was launching a review of its sales and marketing effort and will start closing stores just a couple months ago. This kind of makes it a little bit difficult to get a test drive going and some things aren’t really meant to be sold online. It makes it more difficult to buy an automobile that’s already 35,000 dollars and makes it difficult for older people who aren’t internet savvy to acquire one. After 100’s of stores were closed, many are questioning this decision

5. Guitar Center
If you’re looking to get your hands on an electric guitar, you better do it soon because guitar center is closing up shop! Their website is offering clearance sales and massive warehouse markdowns. Many things are marked 100’s of dollars below their normal price, as the company prepares to liquidize all their assets. While playing an instrument is often considered to be an encouraged thing to do, many still kind of consider it to be a luxury that’s out of their price range. You’re lucky if you can find an ukulele for under 100 bucks here. They probably have more guitars on stock than people who actually play the guitar exist.

4. GNC
While maintaining a healthy diet is always important, many people don’t always see it that way and GNC’s and places like it such as vitamin shopare going out of business. Where are people ever going to find their whey protein!? Supplements are pretty easy thing to order online and you probably can’t sample anything there anyways. Manyp people don’t even really feel like their supplements work anyway. Other supplements that actually did work were banned by the FDA and they never really seemed to offer anything that was cutting edge or revolutionary that people were looking for. Vitamins are likely another marketing scam that earns over 122 billion a year. There’s not even any evidence that supports vitamin C will help you with your cold so good riddance!

3. Home Depot
Home depot announced around the end of 2018 that they would be closing down 47 locations in north america. With a similar trend in marriage, home ownership has taken a plunge in recent times as we can tell from this graph and it only seems like it’s getting worse. That means that retail stores like home depot and lowes are going to suffer as a result. People don’t need to make repairs to homes they don’t own. Experts feel as though it might become a buyers market in the year 2020 but only by a little bit. While many millennials are already struggling from student debt, many are reluctant to buy into the similar concept of getting a mortgage.

2. Macy’s
Just like many shops you might find at the shopping malls across america, Macy’s has announced that they were closing some locations down for good. In the early part of 2019, Macy’s closed down 8 shops as a part of 2 year planned closure process. They stated as far back as 2016 that they would close down at least 100 shops as more and more will continue to close down this year. They former retail giant had to cut over 5000 jobs as they’re going for a more online approach. Many are once again blaming amazon for the shop closures since you can typically buy everything they sell online but could that be the only reason? Some point the blame on their prices, competition from kohl’s and walmart as well as an overall poor shopping experience. Don’t people like trying things on before they buy them, oh yeah apparently amazon lets you do that now too.



From sharks and serpentine amphibians … to insects, seahorses, and cephalopods … here are 16 of the craziest animal eggs

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#8 Harlequin Cabbage Bug
If zebras belonged to a species that laid eggs, chances are they might resemble something along these lines. However, these eggs belong to an insect … namely, the Harlequin Cabbage Bug. It belongs to the stinkbug family, and is known for its striking and distinctive markings. Females will mate multiple times before laying up to nearly 150 of the striped eggs, laid in clutches of twelve. They’re found throughout most of North America, and are regarded as pests that not only destroy cabbage, but other related plants as well.

#7 Marsupial Frog Eggs -- First off, these critters have no relation to actual marsupials like kangaroos or wombats. The frogs get this common name because the females have a type of brood pouch on their backs. After the female releases the eggs from her body, the male will fertilize them externally. Then he uses his toes to help place them back within the mother’s dorsal pouch. After about 80 days the tadpoles will emerge from the pouch as fully formed frogs. Did you know that marsupial frogs produce the largest known amphibian eggs?

#6 Octopus Eggs -- Most eggs laid by animals will hatch within several months. In the case of the giant Pacific Octopus, brooding the eggs can take upwards of 4.5 years. That’s according to data compiled by researchers in 2007. Eggs are laid and then woven together into strands containing as many as 70,000 eggs. The mother won’t eat while she keeps vigil. It’s thought that the seawater’s cold temperature and the creature’s low metabolism allows it to survive. But after all that faithful duty, the mother passes away once the eggs are finally hatched.

#5 Squid Eggs
The eggs of these mollusks can nearly appear like bunches of grapes, or translucent bananas. At least that’s what they look like like when they occasionally wash ashore. The eggs are usually laid in masses on the seafloor to spawn in groups. Females deliver about 11 pounds (5 kg) of offspring that are sometimes laid in a type of ‘community pile’ that forms breeding aggregations. Experts say that some females will occasionally carry a clutch of eggs in their arms to better protect them. Did you know that some species of squids can deliver a brood that contains 3,000 eggs?

#4 Horn Shark Eggs
Whenever there’s a list about the weirdest looking animal eggs, this specimen is bound to pop up, and no wonder. The unusual drillbit-shaped egg is produced by the Horn Shark. That’s a species of the bullhead shark found along the coastline of western North America. Females will lay a maximum of 24 of these corkscrew-like egg cases between February and April. After picking them up with her mouth, the female will wedge the egg cases into cracks and crevices to protect the offspring from predators.

#3 Caecilian Eggs
Caecilians are a group of serpent-like amphibians found from tropical regions of Central and South America to Asia. They’re noted for their odd appearance. These creatures have no limbs and rudimentary eyes that can only perceive light and dark. Larger specimens resemble snakes, and can grow up to five feet long (1.5 m). Most of the 200 species give birth to already-developed offspring. But about one-quarter of them lay eggs, which are guarded by the female. They’re translucent, and have an appearance that some people have compared to the eggs in the “Alien” movies.

#2 Vietnamese Giant Walking Stick
This species of walking stick insect measures nearly 9 inches long (23 cm), and was discovered in 2014. It’s difficult to believe that a creature built in such a way would produce a bullet-shaped egg. With the odd protrusion, the egg even resembles a type of video game controller, or maybe some type of modern art. While newly hatched nymphs can measure less that an inch long, the eggs are only about a fifth of that length. They’re typically found in the town of Tam Dao (tam-dow) in Vietnam.


Can Life Exist in Chernobyl?

The population of the Chernobyl exclusion zone is no longer 0 and it’s believed that 119 people have began living in this restricted zone. Arguably the worst nuclear disaster of all time took place in the near the Soviet town of Pripyat and the land here will never be the same. This was classified as a class 7 nuclear disaster and no one saw this coming until it was too late. But if it’s really so excluded, how does google maps have a bunch of media on this place and how are animals slowly starting to thrive once again. And those 119 people? How are they possibly living healthy lives? And could feral people still be living among the animals. From the self settlers who call this forsaken land home to the dogs that still roam the powerplant, Can Life Exist in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

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4.Exclusion Zone of Google Maps
Possibly the most effective way to explore what’s left from in this isolated part of the world is through google maps and you don’t haave to worry about getting attacked by a radioactive bear! It even gives you access at ground zero in the control station where the big mistake was likely made. These people aren’t even covering their faces with with gas mask or anything! Did google start using self control robot cars with cameras or something? A majority of the roads here in this region can be used to explore the wreckage digitally and we can even see here how a drove was flown over the iconic ferris wheel. Also known as Hotel Polissia, this spot is pretty easy to check out on google maps and get an eerie vibe from it. It was once in the heart of the city, it would commonly house scientists and nuclear experts researching the powerplant, which ironically brought an end to the hotel business here. If you’re crazy enough to come to pripyat, this hotel will certainly be on the tour guide. We wouldn’t suggest staying the night here though. Yelp reviews say it might be a little out of date and maids never come by any more. What did google maps decide to censor here? Possibly a radioactive 20 foot tall mutant? Who Knows

3.Dogs Of Chernobyl
Back people once lived in this former soviet utopia, they would they have their best friends or dogs living her with them as a family pet or whatever reason. Dogs are typically with us from thick and thin but when a nuclear meltdown takes place it’s not always easy to plan on having to bring your pet with you. The soviets demanded that everyone was to leave their pets behind as the evacuation took place The chernobyl exclusion zone used to be home to a total of about 120,000 people and many pet dogs. There are an estimated 250 dogs who currently roam the power plant itself, all of which are descendants of pripyat pets. We mean literally, at the powerplant facility! They’ve been able to breed throughout generations in a radioactive environment which are often known to decrease fertility. Many other dogs can be found roaming around the woods and the abandoned towns. Another 225 dogs live in the Chernobyl city center who’ve resorted back to their wild ways but still rely on the occasional scraps from the workers there. Many are reported to have rabies though so probably smart not to pet them. There is currently a go fund page to help feed, neuter and vaccinate the stray dogs here. There are probably some cats here too but whatever

2.What Would Life Be Like Here?
The people that are moving back to this forsaken land tend to have some connection to as do the dogs who roam the land. They feel as though the slight radioactivity isn’t enough for them to totally abandoned the land that they’re ancestors grew up on. The BBC sent some reporters here to document a little information about their life and they were surprising. Some of the people would tell you the cold weather is more dangerous but of course they could be sugarcoating the elephant in the room. The self settlers have access to a decent amount of amenities such as gas, electricity, cell phones however, their main problem is drinking water. Substantial groundwater contamination is one of the main concerns for these people. Rainwater was once able to seep through the sarcophagus, through the hazardous material and into the ground. As scientists noticed this, they made reparations to the tomb but not without doing it’s damage. The people who live here claim to boil all the water they get from the well. In any case, it turns out rent prices here are pretty cheap and if tourism continues to boom, the people could start making some good money if they open up a bed and breakfast!


Simple Inventions You Can MAKE At Home!

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7. Duct Tape Hammock
Duct tape can really get her done! There are quite a few things you can make from simply duct tape and everyday items. Have you considered buying a hammock to relax in but only noticed that they seem way overpriced! Any possible problem you might have can ultimately be solved if you got yourself some handy dandy duct tape! In possibly one of the most redneck inventions of all time, the duct tape hammock, should be sturdy enough to fit yourself. For this, you need about 3 rolls of duct tape, some wooden rods and some rope to help secure it on the tree. You’ll need to need to weave at least two layers but you might need an extra layer if you want it to hold up aunt betty and uncle jimbo.

6. Homemade Body Armor
You never know when the next zombie apocalypse might occur and you might consider making some type of body armor to ensure that you don’t get bit! This invention comes from prison in order to protect oneself from shank attacks so it might work well in various scenarios. One of the best ways to achieve a simple form of body armor is to get some duct tape and tape a few magazines over a shirt, one magazine for the chest and another one for the back. If you have a long sleeve shirt, you can roll a magazine over your forearms and tape it in place. While it won’t stop a bullet, it could at least reduce damage from a knife stab or a paintball. This photo here shows another interesting design which utilizes useless pennies for protection

5. Toilet Paper Roll Speakers
This invention includes fitting your phone inside a set of toilet paper roll tubes in order to give it that amplified sound were all looking for when we’re trying to get our drink on! If you’re looking some smooth beats on a budget, this is certainly a way you could choose to go! Not only does it just look straight up creative, the cardboard only really muffles the sound and no amplification is produced. Most of the time you would simply throw this stuff away so why not make some good use to it by recycling! This guy even added a few cups to see it would make it louder.You can actually get somewhat better noise by placing your phone in a bowl, but either way, you won’t be impressing anyone with this invention but let the results do the talking.

4.Makeshift Microwave
Ever wish you could bring a microwave with you on your camping trip? It would make life so much easier. For this next one all you need is a cereal box, aluminum foil and a sunny day. First you want to cut the cereal box so it can open. Aluminum foil has been known to help people get tans and normally it’s not something you want to put in your microwave. But this time it’s okay. Wrap inside with aluminum foil and wrap the inner part of the box as well. When your done, it should look something like this. Place the food inside, and give it quite a bit of time but the solar power will cook your food. It’s best to try something like a grilled cheese sandwich before possibly using it to cook meat from the giant bear you hunted with your bare hands.

3. Makeshift Oil Lamp
Staying warm in the wilderness is always important. Unfortunately, you're not going to find any air conditioners or heating devices in the forest besides bears that might be willing to cuddle with you. Instead, you're going to need to use fire. You didn’t pack any candles with you but for some reason you happen to have some olive oil, a lighter, a kleenex and an empty coke can. This is actually all you need. Pour the coke can about halfway full of olive oil, insert your kleenex, and light it on fire. This will actually burn a lot longer than you would think. And there you have it! Your italian oil lantern.

2. Ipad Stand Coat hanger
Many of us would like a way to properly position our Ipad so that when we're watching netflix, it can almost act as a television. Possibly the best way to achieve this is by creating a homemade coat hanger Ipad stand. For this intriguing invention, you might want to get a pair of pliers. First you’ll want to fold it in half, straighten out the sides and the hook part of the hanger, so it almost looks like a peace sign. Then you want to bend the edges and fit the hook part so it end s up looking somewhat like a pyramid. You can also checkout megalodon1’s youtube page for a step by step tutorial.

13 Things That Happen When You Quit Eating Sugar

Right now, milennials are on pace for being the most obese generation of all time and one of the main culprits seems to sneaky forms of sugar creeping up in our diet. Right now, childhood obesity is three times as high as it’s ever been before, with one in every 5 kids in the US becoming a victim. Sugar is everywhere and in 80 percent of food! It’s in your fruit, it’s in your soft drinks. It can be added to meat, sugar and it’s even in your blood. But now it’s not just sugar we’re worried about, it’s evolved into what’s known as high fructose corn syrup which has been seriously linked to diabetes and weight gain. Should we really be consuming more sugar during our workouts in the form of gatorade?

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7. Happier
Although it might be extremely satisfying to scarf down a cinnabon at the time your eating it, consuming higher quantities of sugar may lead to depression and anxiety. During a recent study that lasted for a 5 year period with over 23000 people, it showed that men who consumed higher amounts of sugar were more often likely to mood disorders but more research on it is still needed. It still seems to make sense in any case and people will often reach for sugary foods in order to make them feel some sort of euphoria that only sugar seems to bring. But once the sugar rush is over, it will just make them more unhappy once they take a look at the mirror and step on the scale. It might get to the point where more and more sugar is needed to reach the same dopamine rush until you got diabetes and it’s too late.

6. Better Breath
While we all know that there are some healthy foods out there that might cause bad breath like garlic, fish and coffee, that bad breath is a little bit different. High sugar intake can result in a condition known as halitosis, and while healthy food that causes bad breath can brushed away, this kind of bad breath can’t. Just imagine how your breath smells after you eat a tuna sandwich and there’s not a single mint or brand of toothpaste out there that can help! Bacterias that cause halitosis are fueled by sugars; so the less sugar in your mouth the less likely they’ll be able to live there. One of the more serious causes of bad breath is diabetes and liver disease but on the flip note, ketogenic diets are also known to do the same thing, so of course some sugar from natural sources like fruits are still encouraged.

5. Reduce Alzheimer's Risk
A scary link between alzheimer’s disease and sugar intake has been revealed recently and this could explain the surprising increase in the diagnosis. Alzheimer’s is expected to continue getting worse and even become an epidemic is asian countries in the future. So could there be a correlation with the increase of our sugar intake and this form of dementia. The study was concluded after a 10 year period and 5189 participants that high blood sugar was linked with cognitive decline, almost like sugar was not just rotting people’s teeth but their minds as well. So don’t say we didn’t warn you.

4. Better Sleep
Sugar can seriously wreck a good nights sleep and some of you might know this already but continue to eat large amounts of it. A lack of sleep is known to be correlated with high blood sugar and this was typically the case during sleep studies conducted by Boston University School of Medicine. If someone only got 6 hours or less sleep at night, it was common for their blood sugar to be high as opposed to those who got 8 hours or more sleep. Sleep is also necessary for proper weight loss and increased testosterone in men.

3. Lose Weight Quicker
Most of the time when you eat something it has calories but in addition to those calories you’re getting some nutritional value to even it out. Sugar on the other hand has a lot of calories but totally lacks any vitamins or any value whatsoever. Not only that but sugar can elevate your insulin and leptin resistance which are linked to weight gain. Food advertisements might tell you something is low in fat but in order to make up for that, they turn it choc full of sugar which will leave you less full. Things like high fructose corn syrup will also make you feel more hungry so by promoting the production of hunger hormones.Many people report weight loss after only a few weeks but cutting back on the sugar.

2. Immune System Improves
Not only can sugar decrease the amount of sleep you get which helps your immune system, it also can affect the way your body deals with infections. Too much sugar and carbs in general can force inflammation which keeps your body’s white blood cells busy with stuff they don’t need to focus on. Our white blood cells are responsible for fighting off bad bacteria that makes us sick. The biology that goes into it is fairly complicated but you should notice a boost in your immune system if you stop eating sugar.


12 Forgotten and Abandoned Airbases!

Air bases are extremely strategic locations that the military relies on for the transportation of troops, supplies, and other important resources to fund their war effort. For whatever reasons, many airbases have gone abandoned whether they were too expensive or just no longer needed during a time a peace. In a never ending quest to have the best technology and runways available, conventional airports are left to rot in some countries as newer ones take their place. The airplanes that once filled these bases have gone neglected as well as time continues to pass us by. From airfields that were used in the cold war, to even personal planes used by elvis, here are abandoned and forgotten aircraft and bases.

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5. Bali Abandoned Aircraft
The island of Bali is known around the world as being a top place for going on a resort style vacation. However, some tourists might be surprised to come across this abandoned Boeing 737. It’s not on a runway but actually found in a limestone quarry. You can find it on google earth on the southern coast of the Bukit Peninsula, only minutes from beautiful beaches. It’s believed that the owner of the aircraft had trouble paying it off and it just slowly started rusting away! Keeping up with those private plane expenses can get a bit rough! It’s located on private property but photographers and urban explorers might pay the price to check it out. On street view you can see parts of the tail popping out but local guides suggest climbing up on one of the containers if you wanna quick look.

4. Haapsalu Airfield
Situated just a few miles away from that the town of haapsalu, creepy abandoned runway is left abandoned. This was once used to store long range aircraft, possibly long enough to run attacks on the US. The Soviet military operated this device since they took over estonia in the mid 1940’s . It was mostly used for interceptor jets, however, in case the US decided attack Russia during the cold war. The facility had 28 plane hangars and it’s been sitting in an open field as a reminder of Estonia’s occupied past. No one has really seen a reason completely destroy the airfield, in fact, they’ve began to use it for drag races! Here you might see some kind of drifting going on which isn’t even illegal though here. What’s even spookier, is that the cement plane hangars have all their metal doors removed some people might decide to explore the interior. The creepy buildings from the past seem to double as echo chambers and they were so well built that they reflect any noise made inside.

3. Ellinikon Abandoned Airport Planes
Formerly the main international airport of Athens, it was located in a nearby suburb and served roughly 11 million passengers each year on average. Built in 1938, it was under german occupation for quite some time and was transformed into an airbase. Later on, it was utilised as an american airbase but the last flight took place here in 2011. A few planes have been stuck here ever since and who knows if they’ll ever soar through the skies again. Here we see an aerial view of some olympia airline passenger planes that most likely have some mechanical issues. The new airport used for the athenians and travellers is found to the east of of this forgotten area. You can zoom in on google maps and 7 different planes but it doesn’t seem as though they’ll be taking off anytime soon due to the condition of the runway.

2. Lockheed JetStar, Hound Dog II
Elvis presley was known for owning one but other heads of state use the jetstar as their presidential plane as well known as the Hound dog II which is displayed at graceland as well as the Lisa Marie who was named after his daughter. The hound dog used to transport the king of rock and roll to various concerts or pretty much wherever he wanted to go. The planes cannot fly so they will likely be sold to private buyers some time in the future which has upset many elvis fans. As of right now though, you can see two planes currently parked at graceland, so they should still be there.


STRANGEST Laws in the UK

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7. Improper Use of Twitter
The UK has some of the strictest internet laws among western countries and you really gotta be careful here! It turns out that someone basically had to do some time for some stupid things they’ve said! A student admitted to have posted some racially offensive comments following the untimely collapse of a soccer player Fabrice Muamaba. We won’t exactly repeat what he said and he probably shouldn’t have said it but should the improper use of social media really impede on our civil liberty? The man named liam stacy was responsible for the post and he was arrested at a student house in Swansea, Wales

6.Don’t Disrespect the Queen
Under the racial and religious hatred act of 2006, which our last guy was guilty of breaking, it states that those who speak or create art against the queen is guilty of treason! The crime of treason is a hefty one and could possibly land you in jail for life! Any kind of holocaust denial is illegal here as well as basically anything that goes against fundamental British values. This includes going against democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and speaking out against any religion. This is defined as extremism it definitely makes anyone think twice about hitting that post button at the end of a tweet. Many websites in the UK are blocked automatically by wifi providers almost as if internet access is some type of privilege that can be revoked at any time. Some free speech advocates have spoken out against some of these laws stating that it leaves children in the dark about important issues.

5.Chopping Meat too Loud
These public nuisance laws in the Uk are pretty much able to cover just about anything you do on a daily basis if other people can hear it. It even appears as though they have noise and nuisance officers monitoring how loud people are. A butcher had to go to court after being accused of repeatedly chopping meat too loudly. The complaint was made by a resident who lived above the butcher shop and would be woken up early in the morning to the sound of chopping! The butcher had to limit his activity from the hours of 6am to 8am in order not to be a nuisance to the neighbors.

4.Whales to the Royal Family
In the united kingdom there is a firm law that states that beached whales and sturgeons are royal property of the reigning monarch here. If these creatures are discovered on the beach, they don’t belong to any commoner and are uniquely suited for royal use. This wasn’t such a strange law back during the reign of Edward the II when catching one of these animals wasn’t so easy. It’s been referenced by moby dick that the head of the whale belongs to the king while the tail belongs to the queen. The law is still enforced to this day and there’s an official named the receiver of the wreck who arrives at the scene where the animal has been caught. In 2004, a royal fish was caught in swansea Bay and the person who caught it was presented with a payment. Typically, they want to keep it alive so they can make some caviar.

3.POlish Potato Act
While various foods are banned throughout the Uk, one of the stranger ones we came across are potatoes that are specifically grown in poland! The 2004 polish potatoes order of 2004 makes it illegal to import into england potatoes which he or she knows to have originally been from poland. The law was put into effect when there was an outbreak of ring rot in poland. It certainly sounds like something you don’t want to get. Ring Rot is caused from a bacteria which will leave a ring shaped rot around the potato. The infection will have a soft cheese like texture to it and essentially makes potato crops useless. Although it’s harmless to humans, it can completely destroy a farmer’s yield if it gets spread! So keep your potatoes out of the UK, poland. You’re potatoes aren’t welcome there!

2.Ding Dong Ditching
Mischievous kids in the UK might get a frightening wake up call when they find out their little games of ding dong ditch are illegal! Or does that make it slightly more fun? Under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847, this specific prank is listed. It states that wilfully and wantonly disturb any inhabitant by pulling or ringing any doorbell or knocking at any door without a lawful excuse is illegal!

The TRUTH About Notre Dame!

Notre Dame has been an iconic structure of western civilization over the past millennium and although it managed to survive the French Revolution, and both world wars, an electrical fire apparently was what caused a massive inferno. But could this architectural masterpiece have some hidden history that would make some people want to destroy. And what if those people who did belonged to secret societies. From other mysterious events that have happened on April 15th, to the dark link with the templars here is the truth about notre dame

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5.Emmanuel Macron
France is known for being an important place for the New World Order to set up their operations with one of the official language of the United Nations being French. Freemasonry in France has been known since the french revolution and the even guy who invented the guillotine was a known freemason. It would continue to exist since the time of Napoleon and here we see napoleon giving a masonic pose with his hand in his jacket. Nathan Rothschild funded against Napoleon and then napoleon even borrowed more money from the rothschilds in order to make an escape from his exile in Elba. Nathan Rothschild became a freemason in London, while members of the family followed his lead. What’s all this got to do with Macron? Macron knowing worked for this family that’s often associated with the new world order, while working for one of their investment banks. He earned 2.9 million euro for advising Nestle on a 12 billion dollar acquisition of the big pharma company Pfizer. This almost seemed to make him the perfect puppet to appear as the president of France despite his nefarious ties.

4.Jupiterian Leader
You’re probably familiar with Jupiter, the all powerful roman god whose temple once stood in the site of notre dame. Macron is regularly called a president for the rich especially due to new taxes that were imposed on fuel which would make things much harder for people who don’t live in the city. Gas prices are already extremely high in france to the point where many americans would start a riot if prices ever got that high, over 5 dollars a gallon. The country already has one of the highest gas prices in the world and this lead to the yellow vest riots we’ve seen unfold recently. Journalists have openly mocked Macron after he made a statement saying that the former president francois hollande was not a jupiterian president but I don’t not believe in a normal president. The French aren’t waiting for that, on the contrary such a concept makes them feel insecure”.

3.A Convenient Disaster
Presidents of countries who serve secret societies might have a convenient disaster take place that will get divert the attention elsewhere. On the day that the notre dame was burnt, macron was set to give a speech to the yellow vest protesters about reforms he was about to make. With the whole country’s attention focused on their beloved monument, macron cancelled the broadcast. Politicians never let a good disaster go to waste as some say. During opinion polls, a majority of people stated that the yellow vests should stop their protests because of the fire. Could the destruction of france’s patrimony slowly demoralize them to the point where they no longer want to put up a good fight against the elite?

2.Other Things of April 15th
Was it just a strange coinciden=ce that the the burning of one the most recognizable catholic buildings was burned on April the 15th. Don’t forget, this is the same as tax day in the united states where everyone is required to file taxes. Other strange events have happened on this date which includes the sinking of the titanic, McDonalds opened their first restaurant, the boston bombings, Triangle fraternity is founded and the most sinister of all, the hillsborough incident which left 96 lifeless. It’s so clear that the freemason’s were responsible for this event that you can google it yourself. It was determined that police officers during the match were freemason and allowed for Britain's worst ever sporting event to take place.


GREATEST Egyptian Tomb Discoveries

MUmmies have been discovered all across the egyptian desert and it it’s lead to great insight on their ancient civilization. Advancements in technology have allowed for more and more tombs to be uncovered, allowing us to finally solve some mysteries. As more and more tombs began to get robbed, more creative methods of hiding unbelievable treasures of pharaohs were created. From the possible tomb of one of Egypt’s strangest kings, to massive sarcophagi that found in untouched burial sites, here are the greatest Egyptian tomb discoveries.

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5. Ramses IV Tomb
Although much of it was vandalized before the discovery, the tomb of Ramses the IV is extremely important to scholars and historians. It was decorated with scenes from the book of the dead, the Litany of Ra, the book of Heavens and so on. He was the fifth son of Ramses the 3rd and one of the grandsons of Ramses the great. Named as the royal prince of egypt at the age of 22, he wouldn’t get the chance to become pharaoh until later in life, only ruling for a period of about 6 years. At the time he became the ruler, egypt was beginning to decline from his grandfather's’ powerful empire. He managed to hold onto the lands of palestine to the north and the copper mines of the sinai peninsula

4. Tomb of Seti I
The pharaoh seti the first was the son of ramses the first and father of Ramses the II which makes him a very important mummy. It’s believed that he ruled the land of egypt sometime around 1294 BC to 1279 BC. His name Seti would indicate some devotion to the evil brother of osiris in egyptian mythology. Set is the god all of things evil. This includes things such as storms, chaos, violence, invading armies and the desert. Seti profited from a various military campaigns in places like western Asia, Libya and Nubia and constructed a great temple in the city of Abydos where mysterious hieroglyphics have been discovered. Seti’s preserved tomb was discovered in 1817 in the valley of the kings and was the deepest of all new kingdom tombs. His massive sarcophagus was carved from one massive piece of stone and it was intricately decorated with various artwork. Due to the condition of the mummy, it appears as though he was no less than 40 years old when he passed away. It appears as though grave robbers had made it to the tomb first however but certainly couldn’t transport the massive sarcophagus The cause for it still remains unknown with no evidence of violence although it’s believed his head was removed from his coffin post mortem.

3. King Tut’s Tomb
We all know about king tut’s discovery but do you even know how much gold that guy was trying to bring with him to the afterlife? About 240 pounds of solid gold was the weight of the sarcophagus alone! Don’t forget his 24 pound funerary mask of solid gold which would be worth 4.5 million dollars by today’s gold prices in weight alone. If somehow it ended up on the black market it would easily go for billions in some kind of crazy auction. In 1923, they felt as though the price of the entire treasure was about 15 million dollars at that current time. But back then gas was also 30 cents a gallon. Anyone else thinking about trying to come after the riches might not get to enjoy the treasure, because there seems to be a curse!

2. Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple
Built by woman named queen Hatshepsut, she revolutionized architecture in Egypt by constructing this unbelievable funerary temple! She’s the 2nd confirmed female pharaoh and came into power by since her father's, Thutmose I, was unable to bear a son. She often portrayed herself as a man and wore the ceremonial beard. Located in Deir el-Bahri, this temple complex is an example of perfect symmetry and was completed in the 15th century BC. For reasons still unclear to this day, her son Thutmose the III ordered his men to try to erase any written history of his mother. This including scratching out her name from monuments and even destroying many statues that sat at this remarkable temple. Here in this photo we see what used to be her image receiving a blessing from the god Amen-Re, that was completely carved out! Why he didn’t just go the next step of just completely destroying her greatest monument is still somewhat of a mystery. Unstable politics in Egypt as well as, foreign invading armies who occupied this country make it a wonder this places still exists.


14 Famous Logos with HIDDEN Meanings!

Not everything is as clear as it seems and big companies might use clever logos that are proven to get your attention. From colors that make you crave certain foods to mysterious symbols used by the salvation army here are famous logos with secret/hidden meanings.

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7. The Colors You Crave
Ever notice so many fast food restaurants use the same colors in their logos? Pizza hut, burger king, Mcdonalds, wendy’s, in and out, El Pollo Loco all have one thing in common. They all use some shade of yellow and red in their logos. Is there something about these colors that just drive you crazy and absolutely make your crave fast food? The answer is basically yes. There is a reason why they all tend to basically use the same colors. Researchers have came to the conclusion that yellow and red tend to be the colors that grab the most attention, increase appetite, make you want to eat faster and just simply make you crave. They also tend to use these same color schemes inside the restaurants so you can’t escape the temptation. In order to keep yourself in check, it’s suggested that you just order from the drive thru and enjoy your meal at home or at a park.

6. Wendy’s
Wendy’s was founded by Dave Thomas in the late 1960’s in columbus, Ohio and it’s the third largest hamburger producer fast food chain in the world. Wendy’s was named after dave Thomas’ fourth child Melinda Lou Wendy Thomas. Dave Thomas was also a known freemason But what secrets could this little ginger girl be hiding? Can you spot her secret! If you look close enough at her collar, right above the logo, you might be able to see the word mom inscribed. When word got out that the wendy’s logo might be hiding a secret word, the company responded that it was unintentional and people are just seeing things. Other people believe it was put there to remind them the wendy’s is like the old fashioned cooking your mom would make. What do you believe?

5. Baskin-Robbins
Founded by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in Glendale, California in 1945, Baskin Robbins is possibly the largest chain of Ice cream in the world with over 7,500 stores worldwide. This famous company sells their product in about 50 countries across the globe and their logo is well recognized. But could there be a sneaky little secret that their logo is hiding? Baskin Robbins has advertised being able to sell 31 different flavors and you can see that by taking a look at their logo. The B and the R are pink and blue but it’s like that for a reason. You can see that 31 is clearly visible in pink showing off the amount the flavors they got. Beat that, Ben and Jerry’s

4. Toblerone
During World War 1 the French had their own defensive structure called the maginot line so what did the Swiss have? They had the Toblerone line. It where here where they places strategic Dragon’s Teeth fortification with the purpose of preventing tanks from cruising into their neutral little country! The fortifications looked so much like the Swiss chocolate, Toblerone, that it earn it’s nickname that way. As another part of their fortifications, the swiss used an innocent little pink house and fortified it with machine guns! This is called the villa Rosa and it’s an incognito stronghold with fake windows. Normally when you open the garage, you’d expect to see a car. Here when you open the garage, you get two big cannons! So watch out! You can also notice there’s a bear in the mountain of the toblerone logo since the swiss capital of Bern is referred to as the city of bears.

3. Tostitos
Possibly America’s favorite brand of tortilla chip is Tostitos which are heavily advertised during sporting events and there’s even a football game known as the tostitos fiesta bowl! In 1978, the fritos-lay’s company decided to do their best to make a chip that had an authentic mexican taste to it. After uncovering some secrets, they launched tostitos to the public with and they became a huge success. Now there’s all kinds of tostitos you can buy but you’ll notice that they all have a similar logo. In the middle of the word, the T, I and T come together to form two people, placing a chip into salsa.

2. McDonalds
This logo is seen as being american as apple pie and they manage to sell, and Greenpeace accused them of destroying parts of the amazon rainforest in order to make way for soybean plants to feed to chickens. Protests have broken out, about this company’s treatment of animals on countless occasions. Once again the CEO is making roughly 16 million in 2016 and is expected to continue rising. has been accused of contributing to childhood obesity and even targeting kids to eat their unhealthy food. They are also the largest distributor of toys in the world and roughly 20 percent of their sales include a toy.


Families That RULE The World Part 2!

Most PROTECTED Homes in the World

From homes of former presidents to some strange things mark zuckerberg did to ensure his safety, here are the most protected homes in the world!

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6.Martin Castle, Kentucky
Located in the town of Versailles, Kentucky, this over the top mansion would almost seem like a modern day fortress. Well maybe it is actually. The home is completely surrounded by a stone wall with towers on each corner where snipers could be placed. It almost seemed to have been designed with zombies in mind. It looks as though there’s also a basketball court on the roof that could be transformed into a helipad if needed. Another smart thing the owner did was invest in a horse farm in case we may need to resort back to primitive means of transportation. Don’t forget to practice some tennis to help keep your zombie smashing arm in good shape

When President Trump go to travel to Mar-a-lago resort in palm beach, florida, he got to bring some goons with him to get some presidential treatment. A report from the government accountability office says that 4 similar trips including mr, president and the secret service cost roughly 13.6 Million dollars, some of which cost over 3.4 million each. The only way it could have really cost that much is if a lot of ammunition was fired! There were also some rumors about chinese spies being on the premises. One woman was caught with 4 cell phones, a laptop and managed to install a virus on the laptop of secret service agent. Roughly 400,000 was spent on security during some of trump’s sons travels to the united arab emirates. A lot of the costs would include transportation, lodging, food, and various other secret expenses. But is he really in that much danger traveling to some fancy resort on american soil? Who knows.

4. The Presidential Palace Abu Dhabi
You could probably see this house from outer space. That’s what where talking about. Illuminated at night, it’s visible for miles with clear weather. They got boats lined up at the marina at the emirates palace and cost them an estimated 490 million dollars. It encompasses approximately 150 hectares of land and of course, is just slightly over the top. With all the spending put on for the palace, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if it there was a secret underground bunker beneath. The president can also chose to possibly take a getaway boat or helicopter fairly easily but who’d want to leave this place! Fishing can also become an option when people start getting hungry!

3. Zuckerberg’s House
Since are lives are becoming intertwined with technology more and more each day, it even seems possible that most us could in the future, just live inside a giant computer. It might start to get a little bit creepy though when your house starts to read your mind and follow what you’re doing. Smart homes are also getting to the point where you can use your smartphone to see who’s outside your house. Smart homes will know what electrical devices are being used. Mark zuckerberg’s smart house uses artificial intelligence to understand what he says and uses morgan freeman’s voice. This seems to be the beginning of the smart house trend and just the tip of the iceberg. Once mark zuckerberg became one of the most hated men on the planet, he amped up his security big time. He spends a little extra of billions on drones, bodyguards and reportedly spend 4.26 million on security features. Not only that, but he was known for buying 30 million dollars worth of neighboring property, just to keep people away!

2.The Bush Compound
The Bush compound serves as a summer home for the Bush family and it’s located in the southern part of main, overlooking the atlantic ocean. It was used so often by the bush family during the summertime that it got the nickname of the summer white house. But we all know that former presidents now have access to secret service security so this place can turn into a fortress! It’s completely surrounded by tall fences, and security cameras in every nook and cranny you can imagine. The Bush compound has been occupied by the bush family for over 100 years. It features a swimming pool, tennis court, golf green, boat dock and possibly a dungeon where prisoners are kept. It wasn’t too secure however against a series of strong storms which lead to an estimated 300,000 dollars in damage.


10 CRAZIEST Apocalypse Predictions!

Many people are fascinated by the uncertainty of the apocalypse and will often make predictions based of various things. Many people might begin to believe the world is coming to the end and devote their lives to their their leaders. But what happens when they’re wrong? Things get kinda awkward. From believing that aliens will save you in their spaceship when when the apocalypse comes, to the mayan predictions of 2012, here are 10 apocalypse predictions.

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5. Aum Shinrikyo
Shoko Asahara became the leader of a dangerous cult and would pay the ultimate punishment for it eventually. A considerable amount of Japanese youth began following a new set of beliefs that incorporated ideas from tibetan buddhism and Indian buddhism but also hinduism. The main god that was worshipped was Shiva, the hindu deity. Yoga, writings from nostradamus, the christian book of revelation were also taken into consideration and eventually a dangerous doomsday cult was upon us! They thought a third world war was upon us and it would initiated the US! He believes the Book of Revelation was insight to a coming nuclear armageddon which would be the final conflict. Once the world was wiped, only the followers of this religion. To usher in the apocalypse, they used sarin gas in 1995 in a Tokyo subway which caused 12 fatalities and over 1000 injuries. The organizati on also tried to obtain Botox gas and manufactured VX gas. The same chemical factory they used to make this, would manufacture LSD and other hardcore drugs to be used

4. Order of the Solar Temple
Also known as the Ordre du Temple Solaire, this is one of the craziest cults to hit europe. It focused on the ideals of the knights templar and included creepy underground rituals. It all got started by Joseph Di Mambro in 1984 in the swiss city of Geneva. Their main goal was quote, “correct the notions of authority and power in the world”. Membership soared among wealthy Europeans and French Canadians partially from its mix of new age philosophy and UFO religion. In 1994, more light was drawn upon the group when a horrible crime took place when they thought a baby was believed to be the antichrist.. Other members drank the kool aid and 15 poisoned themselves.

3. Heaven’s Gate
Haley’s comet certainly seemed to cause a lot of panic among some people that the world would soon come to an end. A man named Marshall Applewhite was the leader of a strange cult that combined extraterrestrials and christianity. While being a son of a minister, he also was a firm believer on aliens and met a partner named Bonnie Nettles who also joined him on his beliefs. They began searching for like minded followers and before you know it, at least 80 people were devoted to their beliefs by 1975. By the time the internet was in full use in the 1990’s, they had become more popular and reclusive in their beliefs. Some male believers where so dedicated to the point where they underwent voluntary castration, including applewhite himself! Followers
of Applewhite’s teachings had been brainwashed into believing that haley’s comet would bring a spaceship close enough to earth so that their souls could be transported away from earth and the impending apocalypse. On march 24-to March 26, 1997 39 committed mass suicide at a ranch in San Diego, all mysteriously wearing black sweatpants nikes and with 5 dollars in quarters of their pockets.

2. Dami Mission
Can predicting an apocalypse that doesn’t happen actually land you in jail? That appeared to be the case in south korea at least who was found guilty for fraud and spent 2 years locked up. Hopefully the zombie apocalypse happens soon, or american might be doing some hard time! The Dami mission refers to a very dangerous religious movement that was founded by the south korean named Lee Jang Rim. It had a surprisingly high number of followers who believed the end of the world would come on the 28th of October in 1992. An estimated 144,000 people total believed that the rapture was coming soon and they would drift off into heaven. One of the most dedicated believers actually died from malnutrition at one of the Dami Mission churches all the way in Los Angeles! The person spent 40 days of fasting being one of 200 people what attempted the same. Even many well educated people in korea believed him as a result of a lack of progress with North Korea and a concern for the future, according a professor of social policy.