Boosting funding for Erasmus+ and free Interrail for youth

The EPP Group has been a major force behind expanding the Erasmus+ program to include more kinds of students in universities as well as trade schools and sports programs. It is pushing for a tripling of the Erasmus budget and expanding a pilot programme offering free Interrail passes to youth on their 18th birthday to discover Europe.

Work-life balance: get men sharing in the caring

Closing the gender gap in pay and treatment as employees is an important priority for the EPP Group in improving family life. The work-life balance is also key, and EPP Group-supported legislation calls for parental time off for men and women to care for their immediate families as well as elderly relatives.

No more ‘’cowboy’’ banking: making European banks stronger, safer

The EPP Group has led the charge to make banks safer in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Over the last term, EPP Group MEPs have spearheaded legislation regulating money markets, securitisations and benchmarks – which are key to making sure taxpayers won’t be forced to bail out ‘’cowboy’’ banks again.

Driving innovation through the digital revolution

EPP Group MEPs are helping drive innovation in Europe by boosting funding for Horizon Europe and promoting 5G connectivity and the cloud. The Group has also backed moves to improve access to finance and easing bureaucracy for start-ups and SMEs.

Tax fairness to fight the bad guys, reward the good guys

Spurred by revelations of tax evasion and avoidance, the EPP Group has pressed for greater transparency to uncover companies and individuals who fail to pay their fair share of taxes. Ludek Niedermeyer, the EPP Group's author of Parliament’s final Report by the Money Laundering, Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion Committee, says greater international exchange of tax information will help uncover tax cheats posing unfair competition to EU businesses. Dariusz Rosati, the Group’s spokesman on the same committee, says blacklists of governments failing to enforce tax laws can lose EU funding.

Free and fair trade that makes sense for Europe

The EPP Group’s MEPs have fought against the tide of protectionism to back EU trade agreements with countries like Canada and South Korea. With one in seven European jobs linked to international trade, such agreements are crucial for the EU economy. MEPs have also worked to ensure that trade is fair for Europeans and based on EU values, principles and standards, fighting dumping or unfair subsidies by third countries.

EU sets climate example, balancing jobs and emissions cuts

Using market forces and tougher regulations, the EU is committed to slashing CO2 emissions and fighting climate change while supporting emissions-cutting innovation that guards and creates jobs. The EPP Group has successfully promoted this balance in legislation on the Emissions Trading System and setting benchmarks that take into consideration a Member State's capability to invest.

Greater security through greater unity #StandAsOne

We are the only major political force that takes this Russian threat seriously and opposes it with joint European action. Only if we #StandAsOne, the imminent Russian threat can be deterred and the freedom and security of our citizens can be preserved.

Combating terrorism with sharper tools for law enforcement, combating extremism

The EPP Group has worked hard in the European Parliament to give law enforcement better tools to track down terror suspects and combat extremism. From airline passenger records to cutting financial ties between organised crime and terrorists, combating extremism on the internet and tracking ties with terror training and recruiting, the EPP Group has pushed through EU legislation to make Europe safer.

Romania breaches of the rule of law, Future of Europe, European Border and Coast Guard, Invest EU

At the last European Parliament plenary before the European elections, MEPs debated the rule of law situation in Romania. The Parliament discussed the future of Europe with Latvia’s Prime Minister. MEPs also approved European Border and Coast Guard proposals and backed Invest EU, an initiative to create jobs and boost the EU’s competitiveness.

MEPs back Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, with cancer as a research priority

The European Parliament has approved the new Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.

It will run from 2021 to 2027 with big changes including quicker and easier access to EU funding, especially for innovative SMEs, incentives for EU countries lagging behind in research and innovation to take part in the programme, and 35% of the budget being earmarked for projects combating climate change.

And thanks largely to the EPP Group, paediatric cancer is, for the first time, explicitly mentioned as a research priority.

Securing borders to preserve freedom of movement

Defending the Schengen Zone of open internal EU borders, the EPP Group has worked hard to ensure the safety of Europeans. It has been the driving force behind the EU’s border and coast guard, the Passenger Name Record (PNR) system for air travellers, and the ETIAS system that screens non-EU citizens, part of the EU’s Smart Borders Package. The EU Border and Coast Guard Agency began with a force of 1,500 officers and Parliament has approved an increase to 10,000 by 2027.

Enduring flair pricing and quality, fighting geoblocking

EPP Group MEPs have campaigned to dismantle barriers to Europe’s single market of 500 million consumers. Among the measures – cutting geoblocking and dual quality, encouraging Wifi4EU connectivity and allowing portability of audio-visual content across borders.

EU Investment and Europass empowering job creation

The EPP Group has been a major force behind the billions in the European Union’s financial backing for investment - the so-called Juncker Plan - and job creation. It also drove the revamp of the Europass system empowering Europeans to seek employment across the EU.

CAP reform better for farmers and consumers

More stable food prices and better distribution of subsidies will benefit farmers as well as shoppers, under a reform approved by the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee. The two key pieces of legislation are part of the EU’s overhaul of the Common Agricultural Policy, which helps ensure food security while improving farming’s impact on the environment. The reform, authored by the EPP Group’s Esther Herranz García, would shift the management of CAP subsidies from Brussels to the national governments while cutting red tape for farmers and governments. Legislation co-authored by the EPP Group’s Michel Dantin would extend the EU’s management of farm production beyond the dairy sector. This would improve protection of farmers from market shocks.