Fiat 500L | Thank you moms for starting our biggest journey.

There will be naps and tantrums. Ridiculous songs and laughs. There will be the rush to leave and the joy of arriving. There will be new mom!

Happy #MothersDay!

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Fiat Concept Centoventi | A small car, that makes a big statement

Vehicle customization goes a step further, with the Fiat Concept Centoventi. More than a car, a blank canvas waiting for a touch of you. Become the designer of your special edition, by shaping it according to your own style and selecting from a multitude of additional components depending on your needs.

Total freedom also at its core, thanks to its electrical power source. Its set of modular batteries with a range of up to 500km, represent a true breakthrough for electric mobility, putting it at disposal for the masses.

What are you waiting for? Together, we will bring our concept car to the next level!

Official Fiat Press Conference ft Olivier Francois | 2019 Geneva International Motor Show

Fun, Ingenious, Affordable and Trendsetting. That’s what Fiat stands for and that’s what we’ve presented at #GIMS. Meet the brand new Fiat Concept Centoventi: a white canvas ready to be outfitted and shaped by you.

Shaped by you… starting now!
Take part in designing the Fiat Concept Centoventi by:

- using the Like and Dislike buttons;
- sharing your ideas to bring our concept car to the next level.

Because dreams have driven Fiat for the last 120 years and now we need all your dreams to kick off another Fiat’s DEFINING MOMENT.

Fiat Concept Centoventi | At the forefront of democratic mobility.

Small but not exclusively “urban”, affordable but rewarding, stripped to the bone, without ever making you look cheap. The perfect embodiment of what Fiat does best.
That’s the proof that less can be more: more room for self-expression, more room for caring and more room for Fiat’s soul and DNA.

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FIAT | New 500 Family 120TH. Driven by dreams since 1899.

Let Shaggy & Sting take you to a world full of music on board the New 500 Family 120TH, the most elegant and connected family ever! Connect your iPhone® with Apple CarPlay® and enjoy up to 6 months of Apple Music® to stream over 50 million songs ad-free.
Let’s celebrate Fiat anniversary while listening the first ever Fiat Playlist : “120 Years of Songs”, exclusively on Apple Music®.

Images are for illustrative purposes only: please refer to Fiat local website to check models availability and actual combinations of colors, fabrics, etc.

Go to the playlist:
Discover the New 500 Family 120TH :

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Fiat - Sting & Shaggy for the new FIAT 500 FAMILY 120th | Teaser

What a time to remember. And to win a Grammy! Let's celebrate the victory of Shaggy and Sting for the Best Reggae Album at Grammys with this little preview of the New Fiat advertising campaign, sharing the right music vibes and some good hints about our new entry.

The communication campaign, born from the partnership between Shaggy&Sting and Fiat, is the work of famous director Joseph Kahn, who also directed the fantastic music video “Just one lifetime”, of which Fiat is the media sponsor.

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Valentine's Day

500 loves you! Don’t you believe it? Here what happened last night! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Fiat 500X - New Firefly Turbo Engines

The new Firefly Turbo Engines are more powerful, efficient and silent than current petrol engines. Available in two versions: Firefly Turbo 1.0 and Firefly Turbo 1.3 .

Discover the new Fiat 500X at

Fiat 500X | Designed to Delight - Fiat

New Fiat 500X equipped with new front and rear led lighting, bumper and skid plate, new interiors, steering wheel and new cluster. A taste of tomorrow today.

Discover the new Fiat 500X on

Fiat 500X with Apple CarPlay - Fiat

Connect your IPhone to Fiat 500X using Apple CarPlay. Use Maps, read and reply to your messages with Siri. Make safe hands-free calls with the steering wheel controls and set your soundtrack with Apple Music.

Discover the new Fiat 500X on

The New 500 Collezione shines in all its fashion beauty at the Rinascente store of Milan | FIAT

The style of the New Fiat 500 Collezione hits the catwalk of Milan and makes the exclusive Rinascente store shine with its refined new liveries and finest details. A true symbol of class and timeless style standing out at the heart of the most fashion city.

Discover more about the New 500 Collezione here:

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Fiat 500X - Traffic Sign Recognition and Speed Advisor

With its front camera the new Fiat 500X can recognise the main road signs and make the respective icons appear on the instrument panel. Find out more about Fiat 500X on

Fiat 500X - Autonomous Emergency Brake

Autonomous Emergency Brake function available on the New 500X can recognise obstacles in the path of the car and brake automatically if the driver does not take action to prevent a collision. Find out more on

Fiat 500X - Lane Assist

The new Fiat 500X warns you if you are invading another lane and helps you get back on your own with the Lane Assist, that uses the optical sensor of the camera to identify the position of the car in relation to the lane markings on the road surface. More on

Fiat 500X - Rear Cross Path Detection

The new Fiat 500X, thanks to the Rear Cross Path Detection system, alerts the driver if it identifies vehicles arriving from other side. Discover more about Fiat 500X on